How To Set Up Google Shopping Campaigns That Print Money (2018)

By Dennis Last update November 7, 2018 Comments: 12

google shopping set up

Google Shopping Ads can be great. But getting them to the point where they can make money can be a real PITA. They look pretty simple from the outside, but once you get started things quickly get technical. Knowing how to navigate around these tougher parts is essential to get started as fast as possible. […]

How to Optimize Your Google Shopping Campaigns

By Dennis Last update November 9, 2018 Comments: 29

optimize google shopping campaigns

Optimization is a word that always sounds fancy to throw around. But what does it actually mean? To me it means becoming more efficient at reaching your goal. That means that you should know what your goal is before jumping into tactics. And that’s not different if you want to optimize your Google Shopping campaigns. […]

How To Fix Your Google Shopping Feed Without Going Crazy

By Dennis Last update November 9, 2018 Comments: 59

“I just got a mail from Google saying they’re suspending my Merchant Account got suspended!” Audrey messaged me. Damn. This wasn’t good. A couple of days before, she had reached out to me with some questions about Google Shopping. She was trying to figure out how to get started and create a Google Shopping feed but […]

How I Set Up Google Adwords Campaigns For My Online Store

By Dennis Last update March 1, 2018 Comments: 1

I feel like I need to start by explaining why I’m writing this post. Google Adwords has been around for almost 18 years!!! 🤯 There have been tons and tons of blog posts, ebooks, courses, trainings, videos on how to set up Google Adwords campaigns. So why do something that has been done 185 thousand […]

The Confusing Thing About Google Shopping Campaign Priority

By Dennis Last update November 9, 2018 Comments: 7

blog on google shopping campaign priority

Icon by Noun project Google Shopping campaign priority is a pretty advanced concept. It might seem pretty simply and straightforward, but its not. I’ve seen many Adwords accounts where smart business owners have done the hard work to get their campaigns set up correctly, but get the campaign priority wrong. This causes their campaigns to […]

How To Do Keyword Research For Google Adwords

By Dennis Last update March 1, 2018 Comments: 9

keyword research for google adwords

lab icon by Felix Westphal There are tons of great articles on how to do keyword research. And rightly so. Finding the keywords that are most important to your business can be extremely valuable. Unfortunately, most people’s attempts at keyword research ends up in a folder on their computer. I’ve been guilty of this myself. […]