How To Do Keyword Research For Google Adwords

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keyword research for google adwords

lab icon by Felix Westphal There are tons of great articles on how to do keyword research. And rightly so. Finding the keywords that are most important to your business can be extremely valuable. Unfortunately, most people’s attempts at keyword research ends up in a folder on their computer. I’ve been guilty of this myself. […]

How To Spy On Your Adwords Competitors

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Every time you Google something for your store, it is right there, your competitors ad, right in your face. You’re not sure what they are doing, but it sure would be great to have an ad right at the top any time someone searches for a relevant keyword. And it must be working, because you’ve […]

Troubleshooting Facebook Business Manager

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This is a rant about the mess that is Facebook Business Manager. It’s a result from spending countless hours messing with Facebook ad accounts, pixels and  product catalogs. The end result is a collection of all the things that can go wrong with Facebook Business Manager. It’s valuable to you because if you ever get anyone else involved in […]

The Google Adwords Strategy That Will Finally Make You Money

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blog-google-adwords-strategy (1)

In theory Google Adwords is great. You create ads that bring you boatloads of wallet-out buyers to your online store. But when you start, you discover how hard it actually is to generate profits with Adwords these days. If you get past the rookie mistakes, there are a ton of challenges: high cost per click, stiff competition […]

Tap Into The Little-Known Powers Of Google Merchant Center

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Google Merchant Center blog post

Google Merchant Center (also called GMC) is the hub to manage your product feeds. If you want to run Google Shopping ads, it’s an essential part of the setup process. And most of the time, that’s all the attention it gets. Fix the product feed, connect with Google Adwords and move on. But if you […]

How To Set Up Google Shopping Campaigns That Print Money

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You know how robots will take over all the jobs? Google Shopping is doing that for search ads. Instead of spending time on keyword research and crafting clever ads, Google Shopping does it all for you. You supply the information about your products, then Google matches the right product with the right search query and creates […]