How I Started My Online Store – From Idea To First Sale

By Dennis Last update October 5, 2018 Comments: 11

Starting an online store from idea to first sale

The best way to learn is to do. The second best way is to see someone do in as much detail as possible. I try to go as much in detail as possible in my articles and videos but some stuff is off-limits to protect the businesses I work with. To be completely transparent I’ve […]

Win With Weird – 22 Unique Products That Will Help You Break Through The Clutter

By Dennis Last update August 17, 2017 Comments: 2

win with weird products

There aren’t any secret marketing channels which your competitors know nothing about. Same for growth hacks. Most ecommerce businesses rely on the same channels to get trafficand heck, almost everybody is trying to make them work in the exact same way. This means that only those that excel at a specific channel will dominate. And that’s […]

The Google Ads Strategy That Will Finally Make You Money

By Dennis Last update February 14, 2019 Comments: 5

In theory Google Ads is great. You create ads that bring you tons of wallet-out buyers to your online store. It’s only when you actually start that you discover how hard it actually is to generate profits with Google Ads. If you get past the rookie mistakes, there are a ton of more complex challenges waiting: high […]

Why I Keep My Failed Ecommerce Business Alive

By Dennis Last update June 16, 2016 Comments: 6

When you start working on a new idea, it’s always a ton of fun. You’ve got a clean slate, nothing to hold you back and you’re free to pursue any bold idea you can dream up. This freedom fuels your passion and drives you to make your dreams a reality. Your brain helps with something called […]