Got a nagging feeling that you’re wasting money on Google Ads?

Let me give you the bad news first: it’s probably more than just a feeling 😬

Our research has shows that the average advertiser is wasting 9-25% of the money he or she spends on Google Ads.

This online course will help you identify where you are wasting your budget and show you what to do to fix it.

You’ll learn how to:

  • Spend less for each click on your ad
  • Appear only for the RIGHT searches
  • Create ads that are irresistible
  • Generate a better return from your campaigns

Are you running Zombie campaigns?

In the 50s and 60s, when the Mad Men ruled the advertising business, business owners would say: ‘Half the money I spend on advertising problem is I don’t know which half”.

Today I still hear people say that “there is no way to know these things”.

Let me tell you: you can most definitely find and fix these problems.

You will never convert every visitor that lands on your store, but wasting money is just silly.

As a growing store, you probably have more pressing matters to tend to than figuring out how to tweak your campaigns.

I totally get that.

Because the last time you finally did log in to Google Ads, the interface had changed again and you spent 10 minutes just to find the numbers you’re looking for.

That’s one of the reasons why a lot of advertising campaigns end up running on autopilot.

You don’t intend for that to happen, but it just does.

While this is happening, your competitors on Google Ads are hyperactive: new competitors join Google Ads, new advertising agencies are hired to manage these campaigns, new features are added, ad copy tests are running, etc.

All of these things mean that advertising on Google Ads gets more competitive, which pushes the cost up.

That means your campaigns slowly become less and less efficient.

And if your clicks become too expensive, it becomes VERY hard to be profitable.

Your shortcut to profitability

So what is the solution?

Is the only way to turn a profit for you to become a professionally-trained, Google-Certified Ads Expert?

No, luckily you don’t need all of that.

Most campaigns suffer from the same basic mistakes which make it impossible to even get close to profitability.

It’s not rocket science, you just need to know what to look at and how to fix it.

And I’ve created something that will help you with exactly that.

dennis-moons-profile-picture-sg Hi, I’m Dennis 👋

I’m the founder of Store Growers and for the last 8 years, I’ve helped ecommerce businesses increase traffic and sales through blog posts, consulting work and courses.

I’ve worked with clients with non-existing ad budgets and with global brands that can spend 6 figures in the blink of an eye.

I’ve seen a lot of different businesses, seen and made a lot of mistakes and learned even more.

And now I’m excited to introduce something new that I’ve created:

The Google Ads Diet

Avoid Rookie Mistakes, Trim The Fat & Start To Make Money From Your Campaigns

The Google Ads Diet is a self-paced online video course where you’ll learn how to run more effective Google Ads Search campaigns that cost less and generate a bigger return.

The Google Ads Diet consists of 7 in-depth videos where I’ll guide you through the most essential parts of your Google Ads campaigns you need to get right.

Here is a look inside the course:

  • Lesson 1: The Key To Making Google Ads Work
  • Lesson 2: The Dangerous Defaults of Google Ads
  • Lesson 3: Stop Paying For Traffic That Will Never Ever Convert
  • Lesson 4: Are You Paying The Google Ads Rookie Tax?
  • Lesson 5: How To Create Ads That Only Buyers Click
  • Lesson 6: The Power of Segmentation
  • Lesson 7: The Silent Campaign Killer

The complete course contains over 2 hours of high-quality video materials.

Every lesson focuses on a specific topic. It starts with the most essential pieces of theory you need and then dives right into actual campaigns.

You’ll look over my shoulder as I optimize REAL Google Ads campaigns from REAL stores.

Here is an example of what that looks like in the lesson on keyword match types:

As you can see, you get a raw and unfiltered look at actual campaigns. I show what’s going wrong in a specific Search campaign and how to fix it.

I do it this way because I know that seeing these examples makes it easier for students to apply the materials to their own campaigns.

Bonus: Sales Boosters™ Cheat Sheet

As you’ll discover in the course, great ads are one of the most essential parts of an effective Google Ads campaign.

So to help you write great ads, I’ve created a Sales Boosters™ Cheat Sheet.

It’s a collection of effective ad copy that I’ve collected throughout the years. It’s perfect if you’re:

  • Not sure what to write in your ads
  • Looking for the RIGHT words or phrasing
  • Need inspiration on how you can take your ads to the next level

These are perfect to make your ads stand out more and get a better click-through rate.

The Google Ads Diet Offer

The Google Ads Diet
Full video course
Sales Boosters™ Cheat Sheet
(value: $19)


$ 99.00

If you purchase today you’ll get:

  • Lifetime access to the course
  • Sales Boosters™ Cheat Sheet
  • Access to new updates

Note: All of these prices are for the actual course, depending on your location, sales tax might apply.

Cost Savings

From our beta program, we’ve seen cost savings up to 25%. Here is what that looks like in practice:

Monthly Google Ads spend $1,000 $750
Monthly Google Ads revenue$2,000 $2,000
ROAS (= revenue / advertising cost) 2 2.6

That means you make $0.6 extra for every dollar that you spend on Google Ads!

If you were the advertiser in the example above, you’d make the money you spend on this course back in less than 3 days!

Implementors Guarantee

Seeing you succeed is my number one goal. So delivering a high ROI on every product I sell is essential.

As I’ve shown in the example above, I’m confident that you’ll see a quick return on your investment in this course.

But if you’ve gone through the course, done the work and still aren’t happy with the results, let me know and I’ll refund you up until 30 days after purchase.

Frequently Asked Questions

Who Is this course for?

For anyone that has Google Ads campaign running and nagging feeling that things aren’t the way they’re supposed to be.

Its focus is to cut cost. So ideally you’ve started already and are looking to make your campaigns more efficient.

Does this course focus on any specific campaign type like Search, Shopping or Display?

Yes, the main focus of this course is Google Search campaigns. That doesn’t mean that a lot of the tips aren’t useful for Shopping or Display campaigns.

How do I know this will work?

What I teach in this course is exactly what I do and have done for my clients.

From the early beta students through today I have seen students of this course get the results they were looking for. That’s why I’m very confident that you to can make this happen.

Can’t I find all this information for free?

It took me many years to soak up the knowledge that’s represented in this course.

If you want to do the same you’ll need to comb through blogs, books, and videos to find the necessary information. Next, you’ll need to judge its quality and usefulness for your particular situation.

Short answer: yes, but it will take a lot of time.

How do I know this is any good?

Store Growers is a certified Google Partner. That means our agency fulfills strict requirements to be part of that program when it comes to best practices.

One of the things I’m most proud of is that we’ve had clients stick with me for over 5 years. This wouldn’t be possible if we weren’t delivering results.

Over the years I’ve also trained and coached many people on marketing skills. That gave me an excellent approach to breaking down complex topics into digestible and implementable content.

I live in country X, Y or Z, will this still work?

Yes, Google Ads works exactly the same in every country around the world.

How is this course different from everything else out there?

This is not the most extensive, build-your-campaigns-from-scratch course on the market. It’s a very action focused course with a single goal: to spend your ad dollars on Google Ads more efficiently.

If you’re convinced that The Google Ads is for you, I hope to see you inside the course!