Freelance writer with ecommerce experience

Store Growers helps transform ecommerce businesses.

To do that we provide the most actionable and valuable training on Google Ads in the world.

Today, we’re looking for a new writer to join our team and help us to create amazing articles for our blog.

Our blog is the calling card for the quality of our training, so we set the bar high.

That means that the person joining our team will need to match that ambition.

What we’re looking for

  • Is passionate about ecommerce in general and Google Ads in particular
  • Uses research, case studies and examples to create practical in-depth articles that capture the attention of readers
  • Knows what high quality content is, and is able to produce it

Here is the depth and quality of the writing that we’re looking for:



  • This is a freelance position
  • You’ll be working in the content team alongside our other writer and editor
  • For each article, you’ll get a good briefing with outline and keyword research
  • You’ll use that to produce great article that’s ready for publication

What we offer

  • Be part of a business that has real impact in the lives of our customers
  • Steady flow of new articles (2-4 2,000 word articles per month)
  • Good rates for quality work
  • Get paid for all the work you do (including test articles)
  • Potential growth path into a broader content marketing role if interested


  • Be a native English speaker
  • Have a writing style that keep readers engaged
  • Experience working in/for ecommerce clients
  • Experience with Google Ads
  • Experience working in a content team
  • Know how to optimize an article for SEO without hurting the readability
  • You have an existing portfolio of quality articles in the marketing industry

If you’re interested, here is what will happen:

  1. Send me your answers to the questions below
  2. If we think you might be a good fit, we’ll reach out to talk about the next steps. (If we don’t, we’ll also let you know)
  3. Write a paid test article
  4. You become a writer for the Store Growers blog


To apply I don’t need your CV or pitch. Instead, I want to hear your answers to the questions below:

Question 1: What are your favorite marketing blogs / YouTube channels / Twitter accounts? (I need at least 5)

Question 2: What are the 3 articles that are published online that you’re most proud of?

Question 3: What experience do you have with ecommerce and Google Ads? Did you ever run your own online business or website?

Question 4: What do you think about the articles on our blog? Pick a few and tell me what’s good/bad. I need your honest opinion.

Question 5: Send me the following links:

  • Your Twitter (if you use it)
  • Your blog (if you have one)
  • Other social media profiles that you use

Send your answers to with the subject line “Ecommerce rules”.