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How can my Google Ads campaigns to the next level?

If your job depends on delivering results with Google Ads, new challenges and opportunities are popping up constantly.

When that happens, if you're like most advertisers, you have your go-to hacks, fixes, and tactics ready. This is the toolbox you've gathered during all the time you've been working.

But at some point, you will encounter challenges to which you don't have an answer.

Either because you're starting to spend more (or working with bigger clients) or because Google Ads makes some changes to its platform.

The best example of that was the introduction of Performance Max campaigns, which left a lot of advertisers scrambling to find a new approach.

The most common result of not knowing what to do is that your campaigns get stuck. You reach a certain plateau where you can't seem to break through.

It doesn't always require a complicated new strategy to accomplish this.

Sometimes simply knowing that a new tactic or technique exists or works can be enough.

It's what I call the difference between a $10 per hour vs a $10,000 per hour task.

Because when it comes to improving your Google Ads campaigns, not all tasks are of equal value:

  • $10/hour task: Hunting down bad searches in the 1000s of keywords in your search terms report
  • $100/hour task: Analyzing how you should adjust the bidding strategy
  • $1,000/hour task: Setting up an experiment that will allow you to compare different campaigns types
  • $10,000/hour task: Learning about a new technique you can implement across campaigns and accounts

If you’ve been managing Google Ads campaigns for a while, you will have a good idea about $10 & $100/hour tasks.

These are important but basic things you need to do consistently.

They have also stayed pretty similar over the years and can be easily captured in daily processes or checklists.

But where do you get the insights that unlock the $1,000 & $10,000/hour tasks?

If you think I’m kidding and inflating the value of what I’m about to sell you, let me tell you about Ben, one of the members of our Store Growers Lab membership.

In the October edition of our member-exclusive newsletter, he picked up an insight about Performance Max campaigns.

He then implemented that nugget in all pMax campaigns across all clients he was managing and achieved ROAS improvements in all accounts!

Just learning about this insight allowed Ben to deliver thousands of dollars in value to his clients.

So let me ask you, what would it be worth to have access to something like this for your business?

You can find a lot of information about changes and updates to Google Ads online, for free.

The downside is that it is very time-consuming and overwhelming to keep up and sift through what's actually valuable.

You can participate in Facebook groups, go through Twitter threads, follow a ton of people on LinkedIn, and watch YouTube videos.

But if you have a business to run, this definitely isn't a very valuable way to spend your time.

Besides, the most valuable insights don't come from a YouTube video. They come from advertisers talking shop and sharing their approaches behind closed doors.

What if you could instead tap into a network of highly skilled professionals and crank the signal-to-noise ratio WAY up?

Not only do you keep up with changes in Google Ads, but you also get to connect with other advertisers that are in the trenches every single day to brainstorm with or ask for feedback from.

Introducing Store Growers Lab

Store Growers Lab is a membership program for Google Ads experts, or advertisers aspiring to become one. You'll figure out what’s working right now, learn how to run your own experiments and get support from other experts.

The goal is to help you achieve better, more consistent results for your account, or those of their clients.

To do that, this program gives you access to a newsletter, community, monthly live sessions, and a course.

Imagine being super confident about Google Ads

Imagine being able to get dropped into the Google Ads account of any business in any situation, and instantly knowing what the next best action is.

And you'll not only have a pretty good idea of what the result will be, but you also have a list of alternative things to try if your initial plan doesn't work.

You'll not only be able to generate results, but also be super confident you can rely on your Google Ads skills to bring in sales.

With The Store Growers Lab, you'll not only build up your own Google Ads skills, but you’ll also have a network of other experts at your fingertips.

So when you come across a new challenge, you can ask other experts with different backgrounds, experiences, and skills. And there is a pretty good chance someone has already heard about it.

And if it's something new, you can collaborate with your fellow members to brainstorm and test a solution.

About your instructor

👋 I’m Dennis Moons and I’m the founder of Store Growers.

I’m a Google Ads expert and have been running Google Ads campaigns for more than 12 years.  

During this time I’ve managed more than $5 million in ad spend and I’ve worked with clients ranging from small businesses to global brands.

To this day I've helped over 1700 students get increase sales and profits with Google Ads.

I've been named a Top PPC Expert and have been featured on sites like Shopify, Yotpo, Prisync and GoDataFeed.

This isn't for everyone

I've helped hundreds of stores grow their revenue with Google Ads. So for this membership program, I want to focus on the advertisers that will see the biggest impact.

🚫 This membership program is not for advertisers who:

  • Have never managed a Google Ads campaign
  • Are still looking for products they're going to sell
  • Just want to consume content and are not willing to invest the time to apply the learnings

✅ To get the best results from this program, here is the ideal person:

You're an ambitious ecommerce advertiser that's committed to rising to the top of their craft. You understand it will take time and effort to grow to get better. But you're also very excited about the challenge and dream about the results you can deliver for your own business or clients.

You also don’t want to figure out everything on your own, but want guidance and prefer learning and working in a group.

More specifically you:

  • Spend at least $5,000/mo on your campaigns (or those of your clients)
  • Want hone your BS detector for the next thing Google will try to push
  • Want to increase revenue and profitability in the coming year

Store Growers Lab is perfect for ambitious Google Ads Advertisers

Store Growers Lab has been around for 1.5 years.

Here are some of the stories of our members:

Here is what happens when you join the Lab...

Achieve Better Results

Keeping up with Google Ads can be time-consuming and overwhelming.

So with our monthly What's Working newsletter, we help you cut through the noise and give you the most essential pieces:

  • Strategies and tactics that are working right now
  • Most important changes in Google Ads
  • Interesting discussions and tests from the community

Get new insights & advice

In our Lab community, you join a group of Google Ads experts or people who aspire to become one.

This can help you to:

  • Get help for your campaigns
  • Discuss new tactics or techniques
  • Collaborate on research
  • Accountability partners for your growth

Connect with fellow experts

It's not easy to try and get better on your own.

But connecting with people with a similar mindset will do wonders for your growth.

That's why every month, all members get together on a call to discuss and exchange strategies and tactics about Google Ads.

You can think of it as a mastermind with fellow Google Ads experts.

The next one is happening on October 5th!

Get better at the craft of Google Ads

No one is born a Google Ads expert.

But with our Testing Roadmap course, we've carved out the path on how to become one.

In these 17 different video lessons, I'll break down the whole testing process.

We'll also cover practical advice on how to test the different pieces of Google Ads.

This will allow you to immediately implement these practices in your campaigns.

Deepen your knowledge

There are always deeper layers to explore.

That's why we're hosting month-long challenges where we dive deep on a topic.

Available right now:

  • Feed Frenzy Challenge: product feed optimization on steroids


  • Promo Prep Challenge: squeeze every drop from your promotions

It's quite clear Google wants just one thing. They want your money. If you also want just to have a look at your business and not just give money for nothing at the end to Google, we all know how they're doing it, then this might be the right offering for you. So I can really recommend giving it a try. Join the Lab and make up your own mind if it's worth it for you or not.

Torsten Spielmann, Weck Glas Shop


In addition to everything mentioned above, you'll also get the following 3 bonuses for free that will help you properly kick-start your own testing process.


YouTube Shorts Ads Guide ($199 value)

YouTube Shorts Ads are the way to reach top of funnel customers, but they're currently all tied up with regular YouTube campaigns.

With our YouTube Shorts Ads Guide we'll demystify them for you.

You'll understand what type of creative you need, how to target the Shorts feed exclusively, and how to evaluate performance.


Lab Vault ($299 value)

As a bonus with the membership, you get access to our archive of recordings and other resources that we've created since the inception of the membership in September of 2022.


Campaign tracker worksheet ($49 value)

Campaign tracker worksheet ($49 value)

Keeping track of what you've changed and how it affects your campaigns can be tedious.

But it's essential if you want to understand what's working and what's not.

With this campaign tracker worksheet, it's easy to keep track of the exact changes and the impact they had on your campaigns.

What's included in the Store Growers Lab?

  • What’s Working Newsletter (value $199/mo)
  • Lab Community (value $199/mo)
  • Lab Hours (value $199/mo)
  • Testing Roadmap Course (value $199)
  • Challenges (value $99)
  • Bonus 1: YouTube Shorts Ads Guide ($99 value)
  • Bonus 2: Lab Vault ($299 value)
  • Bonus 3: Campaign tracker worksheet ($49 value)

Total value: $1342

Normal price: $99/mo

Today's price starting at: $66/month*

Store Growers Lab

Store Growers Lab


billed yearly

  • What’s Working Newsletter
  • Lab Hours
  • Lab Community
  • Testing Roadmap Course
  • Challenges
  • All 3 bonuses
  • Save 20%

You'll pay $799 per year

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billed quarterly

  • What’s Working Newsletter
  • Lab Hours
  • Lab Community
  • Testing Roadmap Course
  • Challenges
  • All 3 bonuses

You'll pay $249 per quarter

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30-day money back guarantee

Risk Free 100% Money Back Guarantee

When you join you have 30 days to decide if Store Growers Lab is something worth your time and money.

If you decide it's not for you, just let me know and we'll issue a refund immediately.

… to anyone reading this site wondering whether Dennis is worth €400 per hour, I can hand on heart say that the 4 or 5 coaching calls we’ve had have been worth 5x that!



Is Dennis actually active in the community?

Yes! I'm in the community every day, posting what I find, or answering questions from other Lab members.

What exactly am I getting once I join this program?

The Store Growers Lab membership program includes:

  • Monthly What’s Working Newsletter
  • Monthly Lab Hours
  • Access to the Lab Community
  • Testing Roadmap Course
  • Challenges
  • Bonus 1: YouTube Shorts Ads
  • Bonus 2: Lab Vault
  • Bonus 3: Campaign tracker worksheet

What does this cost?

Store Growers Lab is a membership program. That means you'll be charged on a regular basis in order to keep having access to the program.

There are two plans:

  • Pay yearly: $799 per year (every 12 months)
  • Pay quarterly: $249 per quarter (every 3 months)

Not sure which plan is right for you? Join us on the quarterly plan. Then later you can always decide to upgrade to the cheaper yearly plan.

Why is the price in the checkout different from on this page?

There are 2 reasons why the price on the sales page might be different from the price during checkout:

  • Local currency: our payment system automatically converts the price in US dollars to your local currency
  • VAT: the system also adds VAT where appropriate. But if you have a VAT number, you can take off this amount. To do so, you should see a small link on the right-hand side to add your VAT number

Is this for beginners? I'm afraid this is too advanced for me.

This membership is not for you if you're just starting out. If you've never managed a Google Ads campaign, most of the things you'll learn in the Lab are too advanced.

But if you get a bit of experience with Google Ads and, most importantly, are eager to get better, then Store Growers Lab can supercharge that progress.

Our Roadmap is specifically designed to teach you the skills that are needed to level up your testing skills and get better results from it.

And you can tap into the community for answers to all the questions or doubts you might have about your work. Consider us your colleagues from the internet.

What makes this different program unique from other groups and courses?

There are many ways for you to get better at Google Ads.

Courses put you on your way. But at some point, you've learned pretty much all there is to learn from a set of instruction videos. And at that point, you need to go on your own journey.

Until now, that journey was a lonely one. Without peers that are at a similar level or other advertisers to discuss ideas with.

The Store Growers Lab solves this.

Can I get personal feedback on my campaigns?

Inside our community, we have a dedicated section that's reserved exclusively to get feedback on your campaigns.

You post your questions, add a screenshot or even record a small video where you walk us through your issues.

There you can get answers from Dennis and other experts in the community.

During Lab Hours, our live calls, there is also be room for questions.

How up-to-date is this program?

The goal of this program literally is to keep you up to date with what's working in Google Ads right now.

So all the information is 100% up to date.

Can I share access to this course?

Membership is tied to a personal account and therefore cannot be shared.

If you have multiple people inside of your company you'd like to purchase access for, get in touch with to find out our discounted group pricing options.

How often will new material be added?

There will be an ongoing stream of new discussions in the community. Each month we'll also have a focus area that will inspire new discussions and experiments.

What happens if I don’t enjoy the Store Growers Lab?

When you join you have 30 days to decide if this is something worth your time and one.

If you decide it's not for you, just let me know and we'll issue a refund immediately.

Can I easily cancel or change my membership?

Yes, canceling or changing your membership is extremely easy.

Before your credit card is charged, you'll receive a reminder email, allowing you to cancel or change your membership.

What happens if I cancel my membership?

If you cancel your membership, you'll lose access to the Store Growers Lab at the end of your billing cycle.

After that, you lose access to the community, live calls, lessons, and resources.

The skills are yours to keep :)

What's your refund policy?

When you join you have 30 days to decide if this is something worth your time and one.

If you decide it's not for you, just let me know and we'll issue a refund immediately.

Other questions

If you have any questions or concerns, be sure to let us know. We're happy to help.