"Why Aren't My Search Ads Profitable?"

Tell me if this sounds familiar: your Google Ads campaigns cost too much for what they make back in revenue.  

And while you could spend more money on ads, it just doesn't make sense if you're not breaking even.

You're stuck. And you're not not alone.  

I see hundreds of Google Ads accounts every year and this is the #1 problem for most of them.

Example of a poor performing Google Ads campaign

To fix it, we need to look at the two reasons why these campaigns aren't profitable.

Reason #1: Competitors (Including One You Won't Expect)

Google Ads is an auction system, so the more advertisers want to show for a certain keyword, the higher the price.

So obviously, your competitors are the other ecommerce businesses that are advertising on the keywords that are interesting to you.

But there is another competitor, one that many people don't know about: Google.

On the one hand you need Google to reach your potential customers. But on the other hand, Google is a business that's focused on maximizing their OWN profits. They don't really care about your goals.

So with stiff competition and Google working against you, you need to bring your A-game in order to get results.

Reason #2: Costly Mistakes

But with Search Ads, there are a lot of moving parts, and it's not obvious which things are important to get the results you need.

Tasks like manually adjusting bids or sifting through keyword lists can be very valuable, but not if your ads are showing for the wrong search queries.

That can be a result of basic mistakes during the set up and optimization of a campaign. These mistakes drive up the cost per click and make it very hard to be profitable.

To run profitable Google Ads campaigns in 2019, you literally can not afford to be messing about.

Your foundations need to be super solid. And then you need to build the right things on top of them to get good results.  

The Winner(s) Take All

Google Ads as been around for a long time, that means a lot of your competitors have also had a long time to perfect their systems.

That has a couple of consequences for you.

The top advertisers in your space probably have optimized campaigns, a top converting website, and repeat purchase funnel.

All of these elements make it harder to compete, because they allow a competitor to spend more for a click than you can afford.

If a maximum cost per click of $0.3 is your break even point, they might be able to spend $0.6 still be profitable.

Here is an example where 2 advertisers get 100 visitors to their site via Google Ads:

Advertiser A You
CPC $0.6 $0.3
Conversion rate 5% 1.4%
Average order value $50 $50
Ad spend $60 $30
Revenue $250 $70
Product cost $100 $40
Profit $40 $0

So it's clear that these differences can make it very hard to be able to compete.

These things are not insurmountable, but you won't be able to get everything right overnight. 

If you can get your campaigns in good enough shape for them to break even or turn a small profit, you can slowly start to improve your other systems.

Doing that is not rocket science, but you need to know what to pay attention to.

Here is how you can do that.

New: Search Ads Workshop

This online training is exclusively for PPC professionals in ecommerce that want their Google Ads Search campaigns to finally hit their ROI targets.

After helping hundreds of store owners improve their Google Shopping campaigns, we're now ready to teach you our most valuable lessons about Search Ads.

What we cover in this workshop

Rather than teaching you "Everything you need to know", this workshop is focused on teaching you how to get real results from Google Ads. 

To do that, we take the following approach:

  • Foundation: Killer Settings, Dud Keywords & Great Ads
  • Optimization: Routines, Reports, and ROI
  • Roadmap: Scale, Experiments and Expansion

After this two hour workshop you will be able to launch new Search campaigns, optimize existing ones and be more confident in your work.


The price for this Search Ads Workshop is $99. (VAT might be added if applicable)  

Who is it for

  • Digital marketing freelancers and consultants
  • In-house marketing or pay per click employees 
  • Entrepreneurs that need to figure out Google Ads

Student feedback

I was looking for a ‘straight to the point’, no fluff course from someone who has learned the hard lessons and can give me the fast track, and these completely delivered.  

Rich Fraser Ecommerce owner

It is evident that Dennis is an expert in his field, and he does a wonderful job of breaking down all of the complex lessons. I already had some shopping Ads running for my eCommerce business when I found this course, but was looking to learn and implement a 'real' strategy instead of just guessing.

Kevin The Office Oasis

I recommend this training to anyone who wants to set up, optimize and scale successful Google Ads campaigns to keep happy clients.  

Jessica R. Agency team lead

The Full Package

When you attend the Search Ads Workshop, here is what you’ll get: 👨‍🏫 The 2-hour workshop 💬 Q&A via email 🛠 Tools, cheatsheets, worksheets and templates 

About your instructor  

Dennis is the founder of Store Growers. He's an ecommerce PPC expert from Belgium and has been running Google Ads campaigns for over 8 years.  

During this time he has managed more than $4 million in ad spend for his own businesses and those of clients.