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Smart Shopping Jumpstart will help you create and optimize Smart Shopping campaigns that generate profitable sales.

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"I can't get Smart Shopping to generate sales"

These last couple of years, Google has been relentless in imposing Smart Shopping on as many advertisers as possible.

Its promise is simple:

Provide a product feed, hand over your budget, and Google handles the details.

Sounds good right?

If this setup delivers enough revenue for the money you put in, it’s a great system.

And in some rare cases, it is. But for most advertisers, the actual results are quite different.

Like other Google Ads campaigns, Smart Shopping doesn’t have a problem spending your budget.

But when it comes to a high enough return, it gets challenging.

When you launch your first Smart Shopping campaign, there is a very high likelihood that it will be unprofitable.

Usually that’s nothing to worry about. With the right optimizations, you can nudge the campaign in the right direction.

But with Smart Shopping, it seems there is no way to optimize them:

  • You can’t see search queries
  • You can’t add negative keywords
  • You can’t see who is being targeted
  • You can't change bids
  • You can’t add audiences
  • You can’t see where your ads show up

Without much insight or control over your Smart Shopping campaigns, what can you do?

Introducing Smart Shopping Jumpstart

Smart Shopping Jumpstart is a self-paced online video course to learn how to use Smart Shopping to generate profitable sales.

To do that I’ve created 13 in-depth video lessons in which I’ll guide you through every step of the Smart Shopping process.

A sneak peek of the course :)

Lifetime access. Risk Free 30-Day Money Back Guarantee

Who is this for?

Smart Shopping Jumpstart is perfect for all advertisers that want to know how to use Smart Shopping effectively.


If you're running Google Ads for multiple clients, this offer really is a no-brainer.

Smart Shopping will only become more popular in the future. So you need to learn how to integrate it effectively in your campaigns today. And see how it can benefit your clients.

Ecommerce businesses

If you're running an ecommerce business and using Google Ads, you need understand how Smart Shopping works.

What it can do for your store today and how can it contribute in the future.

In 4 months, we have been able to increase our budget by 400% and have seen a 40% increase in ROAS. I am still very much a beginner and I am sure that the performance will only improve with time.

Varun, OyeHappy.com

The Smart Shopping Jumpstart course

Here is a closer look what's inside this Smart Shopping course:

Module 1: Understanding Smart Shopping

It might seems like Smart Shopping is just a different version of Google Shopping.

But that sets you up to underestimate its potential.

In this module, we'll take a look at exactly what Smart Shopping is, how it works, and why you should bother with it:


  • What is Google Ads?
  • The Ins And Outs Of Smart Shopping
  • Why bother with Smart Shopping?

Module 2: Getting Started with Smart Shopping

Google Ads makes it super easy to get started with Smart Shopping. But that's usually the first step where things go wrong.

Not paying attention to the details of your campaigns can make it very hard to achieve good results.

So in this module, we'll make sure you have the foundations in place to run a successful campaign.


  • From Product to Products Ads
  • Products Feed 101
  • Smart Shopping Setup
  • Smart Shopping Campaign Structure
  • 10 Smart Shopping Strategies

Module 3: Advanced Smart Shopping Optimization

Most advertisers get pretty frustrated when their Smart Shopping campaigns get tons of clicks, but no sales.

While you don't have the same freedom to make changes as with other Google Ads campaigns, there are plenty of things you can do.

In this module, we'll take a look at how you can tweak your campaign in order to achieve higher profitability.


  • The Human/Machine Combo
  • Ads in Smart Shopping campaigns
  • From Smart To Really Smart Shopping (updated)
  • Feed Tweaks For Smart Shopping
  • Analyzing Smart Shopping

Store Growers has helped 600+ ecommerce businesses and freelancers get better at Google Ads.

Here is what they are saying:

I used to tell everyone to stay away from Smart Shopping. Now I'm teaching a course about it. What has changed?

There are three reasons:

✅ Reason 1: It starting to bring results

Up until 2 years ago the results from Smart Shopping were very poor in almost every account I tried it in. But in the last 12-15 months, Smart Shopping has really become more effective.

I've always been a loud supporter of having total control over search queries and bids.

But the biggest effect Smart Shopping has had is an increase in conversion volume.

It just is able to get more clicks, and more sales compared to what we're able to get.

The ROAS doesn't always hold up, but for many clients, scale is what matters most.

🔮 Reason 2: It's the future

Smart Shopping is where Google Shopping is headed.

I don’t have any insider information, but having worked with Google Ads for over 10 years, I’m confident that this is what the future of Google Shopping looks like.

I don’t like it. But, guess what, Google doesn’t really care about what I think!
You might say, but I’m an advertiser and as their customer, they should listen to me! They probably do listen to you, but just not as close as you'd like to 🥲

So because it’s the future, it doesn’t make sense to keep resisting it over some ideological reasons of what we SHOULD be able to control and what data we SHOULD keep access to.

In the end, all that matters is that Google Ads/Shopping delivers good enough results for our ecommerce businesses.

And I would guess most of us would be ok with that. Even if you don't see the queries or placements.

But we are not there yet, so it doesn't make sense to make the whole switch today for the sole reason that this is where Google is headed.

But having seen the improvements in the last couple of years, I don't think it will take more than 2-3 years to see an improved performance from Smart Shopping.

So for us as advertisers, or freelancers supporting ecommerce stores, it makes sense to learn how to be effective without the control and data you had before.

📣 Reason 3: Reach more people

One of the main distinctions between Standard and Smart Shopping is that with Smart Shopping, your product ads show up in more places.

Besides the search results, they can also appear on the Display Network, YouTube, and Gmail.

A common misbelief is that these placements are only for the remarketing part of the campaigns.

Google will also show your products to “cold” audiences in those other places. These are people that haven't heard from your store and haven't visited your site.

This is the scary part. My experience over the years has taught me to shy away from the Display network.

But it can also be very powerful in helping you find new and bigger audiences for your products.

So let's take a look at how to make that happen for your campaigns 👇

Here is what's included inside Smart Shopping Jumpstart...

13 Smart Shopping Video Lessons

Smart Shopping is a black box.

So in these video lessons, I show you the various pieces of each campaign, how they fit together, how you can optimize them, and how to look at the results.

This will allow you to create Smart Shopping campaigns that are low risk but that are able to leverage the power of this new campaign type.

Cheat sheets: Smart Shopping Strategies & Reports

When you first watch a video lesson, it seem so simple. But then when you try it on your own, all sorts of complexities pop up.

So to help you implement our tactics and strategies, we've put together two cheat sheets.

Free lifetime updates

Smart Shopping is still relatively new.

It's been out a few years, but Google has already made a lot of changes to it.

Today (October 2021) the Smart Shopping Jumpstart course is 100% up to date with the Google Ads interface and strategies.

But I have no doubt that these strategies will also need evolve in the future.

So when things change, you'll get free access to new or updated lessons.

Lifetime access. Risk Free 30-Day Money Back Guarantee

" Each subject is covered in a great level of depth, without any fluff. Worth every penny! "
- Perry, Tidi-Cable.com

" Thanks to Dennis' advice we set things up in a way that is much easier for us to manage. "
- Scott


In addition to the Smart Shopping Jumstart course, I’m also going to throw in 2 bonuses for free to give you a kickstart to make your Smart Shopping Ads profitable.


Google Shopping Setup Checklist ($19 value)

Getting all of the different Google tools connected can be a real nightmare.

Misconfiguration can lead to frustration or even poor performing campaigns.

This easy-to-use checklist will show you the exact needed before you can run your first Smart Shopping campaign.


Campaign tracker worksheet ($49 value)

Keeping track of what you've changed an how it affects your campaigns can be tedious.

But it's essential if you want to understand what's working and what's not.

With this campaign tracker worksheet, it's easy to keep track of exactly what has changed, and what the impact on your campaigns has been.

Lifetime access. Risk Free 30-Day Money Back Guarantee

Are You Ready For Smart Shopping Jumpstart?

When you join today, you’ll get access to:

  • 13 video lessons on Smart Shopping ($199 value)
  • Cheat sheets: Smart Shopping Strategies & Reports ($38 value)
  • Google Shopping Setup Checklist ($19 value)
  • Campaign Tracker Worksheet ($49 value)


Today's price: $199

Lifetime access. Risk Free 30-Day Money Back Guarantee

Risk Free 100% Money Back Guarantee

I guarantee that you’ll love this program.

If you don't, I offer a 30-day money back guarantee.

If you go through the course and it doesn't live up to your expectations, just send me an email and I’ll give you your money back with no questions asked.

Sounds fair?

About your instructor

👋 I’m Dennis Moons and I’m the founder of Store Growers.

I’m a Google Ads expert and have been running Google Ads campaigns for more than 12 years.

During this time I’ve managed more than $5 million in ad spend and I’ve worked with clients ranging from small businesses to global brands.

And right now you're able to tap into this experience to get your campaigns going!


What exactly am I getting once I purchase?

You'll get access to Smart Shopping Jumpstart course which includes:

  • All 13 Smart Shopping video lessons
  • 2 Cheat Sheets
  • Free lifetime updates

You also get free access to two bonuses:

  • Google Shopping Setup Checklist
  • Campaign Tracker Worksheet

Can I use this for my clients?

Yes! If you're a freelancer, consultant or media buyer in an agency, you can leverage this course for all of your clients.

What's your refund policy?

This product is backed by a risk free 100% money back guarantee.

If you go through the course and it doesn't live up to your expectations, just send me an email and I’ll give you your money back with no questions asked.

How up to date are these tactics?

We’ve just finished putting this together (October 2021). So this is 100% up to date with tactics, strategies and the current Google Ads interface.

Over time, we’ll keep expanding the course, and making updates to the existing lessons.

Lifetime access. Risk Free 30-Day Money Back Guarantee