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Search Ads Success

Stop the guesswork, plug the leaks, and turn your Google Search campaigns into a reliable sales channel.

The Reason Your Search Ads Aren't Profitable

The answer is pretty obvious. Your campaigns cost too much for the revenue they bring in.  

It might seem like a cop-out answer, but it contains useful insight.  

Making Google Ads work, is all about controlling cost.  

That first starts by not wasting any money.  

You might not be aware of it, but Google has optimized its own system to extract as much profit from unexpecting advertisers.  

These are things like default options, new features, and more automation that instantly put you on the track towards unprofitability.

Like this one:

The screenshot shows how advertisers can improve their "Optimization Score" by 5%. A small detail Google forgets to mention that clicking "Apply all" this campaign switches to a bid strategy that would absolutely tank this campaign.

People have been calling Google out on this BS for years. But they continue their shady practices and advertisers keep getting screwed by them.  

And it is not just the small advertisers. Advertisers that spend $10k/mo and up are also making these exact same mistakes.  

Across Google Ads accounts, I’ve consistently found that 10-25% of the ad budget is being wasted.  

So if you want to control cost, that’s the number one thing you need to handle ASAP!  

Once you’ve got that sorted, the return of your campaigns should already be a little bit better.  

At that point, the main thing that’s driving up costs is your competitors.  

While things like Shopping and YouTube Ads are pretty recent additions to the Google Ads platform, Search Ads have been in place since the start.  

That‘s already 20 years ago, which means that some advertisers have gotten really good at it.  

So how can you compete effectively against that? Even if you’ve just gotten started?

How To Compete Against 20 Years of Experience

The first step is to learn a lot more about how every piece of Google Ads works.  

And if you start searching around, you’ll find plenty of advice and tips.  

But most of the articles and videos you find stay right on the surface.  

Google’s whole certification program isn’t any different. It’s interesting to go through it, you can learn how to set up the first campaign, how to activate feature X or where to find a certain report. 

But where that program and most other materials are lacking is in telling you what to do when all of those basics have been taken care of.  

Because Google’s main advice at that point is to encourage you to increase your cost per click or budget. 

But if you’re losing money with every click, it’s pretty simple what will happen.  

It might take a few months to finally pull the plug, but eventually, you’re going to stop advertising.  

Or maybe you’ll keep your campaigns going for a couple of dollars a day. Because it's cheap enough and “it can’t hurt, right?”.  

But what is clear at that point is that Google Search Ads aren’t going to translate into a sales channel you can rely on and bank on.  

Instead of having a steady stream of customers and revenue that you can use to build the rest of your business, you’ll have to look at some other channels to find traffic and sales.  

But some ecommerce businesses do see results from Google Search Ads.  

So is there some kind of underlying approach that these advertisers use to bring in enough in sales for what they spend? And how did they get there?

The $10M Google Ads Playbook 

It’s been about 10 years since I first heard of something called Google Adwords.  

A friend asked whether I could create some ads for his software tool. He asked me because I’d studied marketing so he figured I must know a little bit more about it than he did.  

In reality, I didn’t. But I managed to set up campaigns, get some clicks to his website, and get him a bill of around $400.  

He didn’t sell any extra software because of it. And I’m pretty sure I made every mistake in the book. But he was happy with the website visitors, I was happy to get some experience. (And I’m sure Google was happy as well!)  

A couple of years later I was working as a marketing consultant, and one time a client asked me whether I could help them out with their Search Ads campaigns.  

Not wanting to admit I didn’t really know what I was doing (and not mentioning my earlier attempts), I said: “Sure, I’ll have a look”.  

When I opened up their ad account for the first time, I was pretty excited, but also a little terrified.  

Here was this big company that was spending thousands on ads every month, and sometimes even paying a couple of dollars per click (I thought they were crazy for wasting so much money at the time).  

And they wanted me to help out.  

It was obvious I was in a little over my head.  

So I started reading books, attending conferences, got my Google Ads certification, and even managed to get myself invited to the Google office in Brussels for advanced training.  

And those things helped.  

Step by step, I was now able to look at that same client’s account, understand what was going on, and even make some changes that improved the results.  

But I was far from confident.  

That only came after doing the work.  

In the 8 years that followed, I worked with hundreds of different ecommerce businesses all around the world. All selling different products in different markets with different economics.  

And over time, most of the campaigns I managed did ok, some did REALLY well, and a few absolutely failed.  

When you’ve got a client that’s trusting you with their hard-earned profits, and you fail to generate enough in sales to cover the cost of the product, things get pretty stressful.  

So every time that happened, I tried to get to the bottom of it. Why did this happen? What could be some alternative approaches I could try in the future?

And bit by bit, I started improving my process, something that continues to this day.

That process enables me to know exactly what to do in each stage of a campaign, what tactics to try, and which metrics to focus on.

The goal of this story is to tell you that you’re not going to become a Google Ads expert overnight, nor should you.  

There are no secret strategies, weird settings, or clever hacks that allow you to instantly go from 0 to insane profits.  

But if you have the right input, do the work and be patient, you can get great results.  

While I can’t help you with the patience part, I can help you by providing the right inputs.  

So what you are about to see is all of that knowledge and experience distilled to its essence. 

I break down what you need to know about Google Search Ads in a way that I’ve tested to be easy to understand and apply to your own campaigns. 

Introducing Search Ads Success

Search Ads Success is a self-paced online course for entrepreneurs and freelancers to learn how to use Google Search Ads to generate profitable sales.  

To do that I’ve created 29 in-depth lessons that will guide you through every step of optimizing your Google Search Ads. 

Every lesson covers a single topic and teaches you how to get every part of your Search Ads right to be as effective as possible. 

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The Search Ads Success course preview

This course is ideal for

Ecommerce entrepreneurs  

Freelancers and consultants 

marketing teams

What our customers are saying

Don’t take my word for it, here are three people that recently used our course to improve their Search Ads.

I was looking for a ‘straight to the point’, no fluff course from someone who has learned the hard lessons and can give me the fast track, and these completely delivered.  

Rich Fraser - Ecommerce Entrepreneur

It is evident that Dennis is an expert in his field, and he does a wonderful job of breaking down all of the complex lessons. I already had some shopping Ads running for my eCommerce business when I found this course but was looking to learn and implement a 'real' strategy instead of just guessing.  

Kevin - CEO @ The

I recommend this training to anyone who wants to set up, optimize and scale successful Google Ads campaigns to keep happy clients.

Jessica R. - Agency team lead

The Search Ads Success course

Module 1 - STRATEGY

Many fundamental problems with Search Ads originate from having poor fundamentals to build on.

That's why we kick off this course by looking at those building blocks and figuring out the most optimal approach to use Search Ads in your overall strategy. 

Lessons In this module:

  • Is Your Conversion Funnel Blocking Your Growth?
  • How To Handle Your Biggest Competitor
  • Google Ads Strategy Roadmap
  • Future-Proofing Your Account Structure

Module 2 - LEVEL UP

Rather than rehashing all the basics, the goal of this module is to take your knowledge up a notch.

We dive deep into all the essential parts that make up a Search Ads campaign. With it, you'll find new approaches, features, and ways to be more effective at managing your campaigns.  

Lessons In this module:

  • Becoming A Better Mario
  • Next Level Keyword Research
  • Adapting To Evolving Keyword Match Types
  • The 3-Step Ad Creation Process
  • Getting Smart About Negative Keywords
  • The Hidden Powers Of Ad Extensions
  • Banking On Budgets & Bidding
  • Google Analytics for Search


The key to getting consistent results with Google Ads is having a repeatable process.

In this module, I show you the framework that I use to get consistent results for my own clients.  

Lessons In this module:

  • Your Optimization Routine
  • From Keyword To Campaign Expansion
  • Testing Ads And Ad Extensions
  • Cost Cutting with Bid Adjustments
  • Discovering the right bidding strategy
  • Solving For Mobile
  • Overhauling Existing Campaigns
  • 7 Hacks to Boost Your Quality Scores


Besides executing perfectly on the basics, Google Search Ads campaigns also offer a lot of extras with plenty of potential.

In this module, I show you when and how to use them effectively.

Lessons In this module:  

  • Remarketing Lists For Search Ads
  • Audience Layering: From Keywords to Buyers
  • Dynamic Search Ads
  • Automated Rules
  • 3 Must-Have Google Ads Scripts

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Course bonuses

As part of this course, you'll get access to the following bonuses. 

In-depth training video: Full keyword research

People often tell me they want to see the details.

And with a length of 5 hours and 40 minutes, that's exactly what I'm doing in this video. You'll see me do a keyword research process from scratch all the way until I upload the campaigns in Google Ads. 100% uncensored and unedited.


We've got two worksheets in the course to make you more effective. If you need to set up a lot of campaigns, these are huge time-savers.

1 - Keyword research worksheet helps to manage your research at every stage of the process. From coming up with initial seed keywords to preparing an import you can copy/paste in Google Ads Editor to create your actual campaign structure.  

2 - Ad creation worksheet makes coming up with great and effective ads (and ad extensions) a lot easier. I've also integrated functionalities that will speed up getting the ads into your campaigns.

Business Model Simulation

If you're paying for traffic, the building blocks of your business model need to be sound.

Finding your baseline and exploring the targets you would need to hit, makes sure your campaign doesn't just bring clicks, but also results in actual profits.

In this simulation, you can also find your break-even ROAS, a great metric to manage your campaigns with.

For freelancers and consultants, this simulation is a great tool to use during your sales process. It quickly allows you to assess a client's situation which helps with setting more accurate expectations.

Campaign tracker

The campaign tracker is the cornerstone of my optimization efforts.

It keeps track of changes I've made to my campaigns, shows me where I'm at in the optimization process and what tactics are appropriate at that exact moment.

Lifetime Access (Updates)

Google is constantly making changes to Google Ads and the search results.

That often means that tactics or tutotrials get outdated.

As a customer of Search Ads Success, you'll have lifetime access to the course and receive free updates as we roll them out.

30-Day Money Back Guarantee

My number one goal is to help you be successful with your Search Ads.  

So if you’ve gone through the course, have put in the work but still can't make things work, let me know.  

I’ll happily refund your money up to 30 days after purchasing.

Course support

I designed The Search Ads Success course to be a comprehensive, step by step course.

But going through it, questions can always come up.

To make sure you don't get stuck and are able to keep moving forward, I've got a couple of different ways to support you.

 Coaching Calls

As part of the course, you get 3 x 30-minute calls with me (Dennis).  

What we discuss during that 1-on-1 time is up to you. We can talk about your overall strategy or can dive deep into specific challanges that you are facing.

60 Days Of Unlimited Consulting

Sometimes you don't need a call, but rather some quick advice on how to move forward.

For that there is the unlimited email consulting for 60 days after purchase.

So any time you get stuck or have a question, you can reach a Google Ads expert (Dennis) with a simple email.

The Search Ads Success Community

In our exclusive customer community you're able to get answers to your questions or learn from advertisers just like you.

I'm in there every day so you can rest assured no questions will go unanswered!

Which option is right for you?

There are two packages of the Search Ads Success course.

In both packages, you'll get the exact same strategies and tools you need to turn your Search Ads around.

The biggest difference is that the Complete package will give more intensive support, via email and coaching calls. I realize that this offer won't be for everyone, but if you have the budget and want to progress a lot faster than you could on your own, this option is for you!


  • Unlimited coaching with Dennis Moons
  • 3 x 30 minute coaching calls
  • The Full Search Ads Success Course
  • Lifetime updates
  • Full keyword research tutorial (5 hours)
  • Bonus training materials
  • Access to the Search Ads Success Community

Price: $799

Payment plan available in checkout

VAT will be added where applicable.


  • The Full Search Ads Success Course
  • Lifetime updates
  • Full keyword research tutorial (5 hours)
  • Bonus training materials
  • Access to the Search Ads Success Community

Price: $299

Payment plan available in checkout  

VAT will be added where applicable.

30-Day Money Back Guarantee

My number one goal is to help you be successful with your Search Ads.  

So if you’ve gone through the course, have put in the work but still can't make things work, let me know.  

I’ll happily refund your money up to 30 days after purchasing.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is this course right for me?

This course is ideal if you have little experience with Google Ads.

It will take that fundamental knowledge and add the skills you need to not just get clicks, but turn them into profitable sales.

You'll learn the framework that I use to get Search campaigns to break-even and scale them beyond.

How is this course different from other programs out there?

Search Ads Success is the only course that's exclusively focused on helping to run better Search Ads for ecommerce business.

We go deep where other programs merely skim the surface. That's the only way to help advertisers like you solve the challenges that you're facing in your account every day.

How much does the course cost?

Search Ads Success is available in two packages. The Standard one costs $299 and the Complete package costs $799.

What is the refund policy?

We offer a full 30-day money back guarantee if you're not satisfied with the course.

How up to date is this course?

This course is 100% up to date with the current Google Ads interface and strategies (January 2020). My goal is to make this the best course on Search Ads on the market. For that I provide constant updates and new material. Click this link to see the all the updates.

Yes, I want lifetime access to Search Ads Success 

Time to get serious about your Search Ads!