There is only one real reason why companies hire me as their Google Ads coach.

They want to go faster than what they could do on their own.

When learning something new, you’re trying to do two things at the same time:

  1. Figure out how it works
  2. Discover what YOU specifically need to do

Both of these take time and will lead to wasted ad spend.

So if you want a shortcut, consider hiring me.

A Typical Coaching Session

In a typical coaching session, an advertiser usually has a list of challenges they want to figure out. During the call, we work our way through these issues, and I also make sure that this is the most important thing to focus on at this moment.

After discuss clear tasks that will continue to improve results.

Here are some of issues that often come up:

  • Optimising Google Shopping campaign structure
  • Improving Google Ads profitability
  • Stepping up Google Analytics game
  • Increasing website conversion rate
  • Troubleshooting Dynamic Remarketing

Each call is 1 hour long and recorded, so you can watch it again and keep it for future reference.

Coaching options

I offer two coaching options:

Accelerator Single session
Duration 8 week program 1 hour
Coaching sessions 4 sessions 1 session
Email consulting Yes No
Price $2,000 $250/call

Simply click the appropriate button to get started. (VAT might be added where applicable.)

If you’d like more information before purchasing, email dennis AT storegrowers DOT com

Afterward, you’ll receive a link to schedule your first call. I’m pretty flexible to take these calls so we can often schedule within 3-4 business days after payment.

Satisfied customers

Ahhh this is such a breath of fresh air! Thank you so much for this.
Marie Scholl, owner Inspired Endurance