Remarketing Audiences: Google Ads Vs Google Analytics

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When using remarketing lists to target customers, you should always be looking for that one thing that’ll give you a competitive edge. Sometimes the focus of the remarketing debate is the platform, like Google vs Facebook. Other times it’s the method, like static vs dynamic remarketing. In this article, we will see how Google Ads […]

How To Get Started With Google Ads (And How To Get Good at it)

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The first time I logged into Google Ads, I barely knew what I was doing The software company I was an intern for at the time asked me to set up a small display ad. Sounds pretty easy, right? Well, it wasn’t. The budget for this campaign was $250, and until that time, the company […]

Setting Up Google Analytics Remarketing Audiences: A Guide

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The importance of people that have been to your website before but didn’t buy shouldn’t be underestimated. After all, they were interested enough in what you offer at some point, so there might still be a chance of converting them. And Remarketing allows you to do exactly that. The two most popular ways to configure […]

How To Use Detailed Demographics: Leverage Your Customer’s Characteristics

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Targeting users based on demographics has been available for a long time in Google Ads. But a few years ago, Google Ads upgraded its demographics targeting feature by adding more variables that help further refine audiences, known as detailed demographics. In this article, we’ll cover all the detailed demographic options, available across different campaign types, […]

How To Set up a Remarketing Audience in Google Ads

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Remarketing is a cost-effective technique that targets an audience who’s already interacted with your website, and therefore it has a higher chance of converting. Join us as we go over the steps for setting up remarketing audiences for your campaigns so you can re-engage your past visitors and increase your conversion rates. We’ll first give […]

How To Use Google Dynamic Search Ads

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The hardest part about getting started with Search Ads is that there is a lot of work that needs to happen before you can launch. Think about things like researching keywords, organizing ad groups, and writing ads. Google Dynamic Search Ads allows you to speed things up by automating some of those parts. That allows […]