Growing Sales With Attribution Models in Google Analytics

By Dennis Last update March 7, 2019 Comments: 2


Attribution is hard. So you’ve probably tried to ignore attribution for as long as you could. (I know I have.) But there comes a time when you can’t ignore it anymore. And at that moment it will morph from a headache into a very valuable tool. The right time to look at attribution models is […]

Scaling Google Shopping To Multiple Countries

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In theory, it’s pretty easy to scale your Google Shopping campaigns to multiple countries. All you need to do is provide the feed, specify where you want to advertise and Google does the rest. Unfortunately, it’s not always that easy. Because when you’re dealing with product feeds, the theory doesn’t always equal practice. But like […]

The Google Ads Strategy of Purple Mattresses

By Dennis Last update March 7, 2019 Comments: 6


Imagine a new brand launching in a hyper-competitive market. Its competitors have been grinding away for a couple of years and have hundreds of millions of dollars in venture capital in the bank. This new brand decides not to raise any money from those investors. That sounds like a pretty tough situation to be in, […]

The Google Ads Test: Discover Your Kryptonite

By Dennis Last update January 18, 2019 Comments: 4

Of all the ecommerce stores that use Google Ads, few start out by asking the important question whether Google Ads is right for their business. Most of them skip that part and jump straight into the details of picking keywords and writing ads. But by not asking whether your business has the foundations in place […]

These 11 Stores Are Killing It On Google Shopping (Case Studies)

By Dennis Last update February 14, 2019 Comments: 4


The last few years Google Shopping has gotten a lot more popular. Google sees that it works and shows more product listing ads. And those success stories attracted more online stores interested in running their own campaigns. But like any marketing channel, no matter how promising it looks, you can only find out if it […]

4 Hacks To Exploit A High Google Ads Cost Per Click

By Dennis Last update December 14, 2018 Comments: 3


Long gone are the days of paying 1 or 5 cent for clicks on Google Ads. Today, clicks are expensive. And a high cost per click means that advertisers have to find a balance between profit and traffic. Paying a higher cost per click can get your more visitors, but it will eat into your […]