Building From Scratch – March 18 Update

By Dennis Last update April 11, 2018 Comments: 2

March was the 7th month for Apes in Space, my space posters store. February was the biggest month yet (grossing $1,340), but profitability was hurting A LOT. So while it would have been nice to report another $1,000+ month, I knew I had to make some drastic cost cuts . So without the support of the ads, […]

Building From Scratch – February 18 Update

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February marks month #6 for Apes in Space, the online store I started to sell space posters. And finally, after 5 months of making a tiny amount progress, I scored my first win. It turned out to be an insight from a (failed) Facebook ad campaign from a few months back that held the key […]

How I Set Up Google Adwords Campaigns For My Online Store

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I feel like I need to start by explaining why I’m writing this post. Google Adwords has been around for almost 18 years!!! 🤯 There have been tons and tons of blog posts, ebooks, courses, trainings, videos on how to set up Google Adwords campaigns. So why do something that has been done 185 thousand […]

How Elon Musk’s New Rocket Helped My Online Store Take Off

By Dennis Last update February 14, 2018 Comments: 2

Last week was one of the most crazy and awesome weeks of my entrepreneurial journey. It all started on Tuesday at 2:15 am when my phone alarm buzzed me out of bed. I jumped up (yes that’s what I do) and started setting up my workstation in the living room. I opened up the blog […]

Building From Scratch – January 18 Update

By Dennis Last update March 7, 2018 Comments: 2

January marked the fifth(!) month of operations for Apes in Space, the online store I started to sell space posters. During the last couple of months, it has slowly chugged along, making the odd sale here and there. I have to admit, it’s slowly eating away my motivation. There just is not enough consistent traffic […]

The Confusing Thing About Google Shopping Campaign Priority

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blog on google shopping campaign priority

Icon by Noun project Google Shopping campaign priority is a pretty advanced concept. It might seem pretty simply and straightforward, but its not. I’ve seen many Adwords accounts where smart business owners have done the hard work to get their campaigns set up correctly, but get the campaign priority wrong. This causes their campaigns to […]