Google Ads can still deliver great results for ecommerce businesses.

But that doesn’t mean it is right for YOUR business.

And even if you think it makes sense, you still have to make it work.

Because your competitors and, surprising to many, Google don’t make it easier for you.

So to get results, you need someone you can trust and cut through the BS.

I was looking for a ‘straight to the point’, no fluff course from someone who has learned the hard lessons and can give me the fast track, and these completely delivered.
Rich Fraser, online store owner

This is what Store Growers is all about.

👋 I’m Dennis Moons and I’m the founder of Store Growers.

That’s me speaking to an awesome crowd of entrepreneurs

I’m an ecommerce PPC expert from Belgium and have been running Google Ads campaigns for over 12 years.

I started out managing Google Ads campaigns for small ecommerce businesses in Belgium and have expanded my reach ever since.

In total, I’ve managed over $5 million in ad spend for ecommerce businesses in niches as diverse as fashion & apparel, food, beauty & cosmetics, consumer electronics, home decor and manufacturing all across the world.

I’ve worked with +60 clients ranging from small ecommerce businesses ran by solo entrepreneurs, all the way to global brands with huge marketing budgets. (I’m no longer a Google Partner)

All of these clients’ projects have increased the pace that I was learning and improving by.

And at the same time as I was helping clients get results, I started writing about the things I was and testing and what I was learning from those experiments. That result of that is the blog.

This is something I love doing because I get to hear the feedback from readers:

This is a really good read and so comprehensive compared to much of the articles which are just scratching the surface.
Steffen L. Jørgensen, WakeupData

This article saved me when I have struggled with the feed for 3 days!

I just wanted to say thanks for putting this article together with tremendous detail.
John Zabkowicz, SanitaryFittings

Writing and interacting with readers has also lead to a lot of great clients for the coaching services that I offer.

But all of my clients are businesses with sizeable ad budgets. And for people just starting out, it often doesn’t make financial sense to hire me. (Something I’ve learned from running my own store)

So for the people that wanted more than the articles, but weren’t a good fit to help them out directly, I created a couple of video courses to teach the exact things that I was doing for my clients.

That has also allowed me to help a lot more people than what I could do just on my own.

And this has been a great rhythm.

I get to work with great clients to scale their businesses. And I use these projects as testing grounds which I share with the blog and in the courses. Readers and students let me know what works and what doesn’t, allowing you to benefit from all of that!