About Store Growers

Google Ads has changed a lot the last few years.

More automation has been added to “make it easier for advertisers to reach their goals”.

But many advertisers feel uneasy with all these changes.

You might also not feel 100% confident about how to navigate this rapidly changing landscape.

Are your “old” Google Ads campaigns and skills still relevant? Should you just hand over the money and step aside?

It’s not easy to know what the best move is.

But one thing is clear, Google will always put its own interests first.

So to get results, you need independent advice that helps you tell apart reality from BS.

This is exactly why I created Store Growers.

👋 My name is Dennis Moons and I’m the Founder and Lead Instructor here at Store Growers.

Dennis Moons
That’s me, Dennis!

I started out managing Google Ads campaigns for small businesses in my home country of Belgium back in 2011.

But for the last 8 years, I’ve specialized in Google Ads for ecommerce businesses.

Since then, I’ve managed well over $5 million in ad spend for 100+ clients in niches as diverse as elderly care, health supplements, and industrial tapes.

With every client I took on and campaign that I ran, I tried to learn something new. And I documented that journey on our blog.

This is something we continue to this day because I love hearing how our articles help our readers:

This is a really good read and so comprehensive compared to much of the articles which are just scratching the surface.

Steffen L. Jørgensen, WakeupData

Over time, we got more readers and email subscribers, and also more inquiries to help advertisers with their own campaigns.

The clients I was used to working with at that point had pretty sizeable advertising budgets. But for smaller advertisers, or people just starting out, it didn’t make financial sense to hire me. 

So for the people that wanted more than the articles, but weren’t a good fit to help them out directly, I started to create online courses.

These are courses that teach the exact things that I would do if I was managing your account. 

Today, we have a wide range of courses that are focused on delivering results 100% up to date with changes in Google Ads.

We’ve helped over 1200 students run better, more profitable Google Ads campaigns, for their own businesses or those of their clients.

But when you get to a certain level, there is only so much you can learn from a pre-recorded course.

I saw this in my own learning. Even though I see the inside of many Google Ads accounts, it’s still a drop in the ocean to everything that’s happening in the space.

When I realized this, I started looking for other business owners and Google Ads experts that were deep in the trenches. Exchanging tips, and sharing ideas for things to test.

This search evolved into Store Growers Lab, our membership community, which we launched in 2022.

Its goal is to stay on top of what’s working in Google Ads right now.

That information gets filtered back into our courses and blog, allowing everyone to benefit from that.

That’s what the Store Growers model looks like today, and it’s also what makes us unique!