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Tired of campaigns that spend your money without sufficient returns?

Shopping Ads seem like a match made in heaven for online stores.

Potential customers search for a product, and you can appear with an ad for that exact product!

But if you've ever run a Performance Max or Standard Shopping campaign, you'll know that it's not quite that easy.

Let's start with the biggest problem.

It's easy to get clicks. What's hard is to bring in enough revenue compared to what the campaign is spending.

Take this campaign for example:

The screenshot above shows the results of a Performance Max campaign.

During the last 30 days, this campaign has generated $2.55 in revenue for every $1 put into the campaign.

That means the ROAS is 2.55x.

You might be wishing that you had this result. But whether this is good or bad depends on the advertiser.

Some clients I worked with in the past needed a ROAS of 15, just to break even!

For this advertiser in particular, they need a ROAS of 3 to break even, and their target is to hit 3.5x.

So it's clear this can no longer go on like that.

You can only spend so much money before wondering if this is actually going anywhere.

But to Google, it's much simpler. They want you to spend as much money as possible.

Their whole system is designed for that specific reason. The way you set up campaigns, the interface, and even their "recommendations" to help you get better results:

Google casually recommending me to 3x my budget for a campaign that's losing money

So spending money is easy.

But it's a lot harder to make your campaigns generate more revenue.

The main way Google gives you is to set a target ROAS or CPA.

But if that doesn't help, you're pretty much on your own to figure out how to make this campaign work.

No matter which campaign type you're using, there are a lot of things you can do.

You just have to know where to look.

Some optimization tactics have to do with your setup (product feed), while others are more focused on how you're advertising certain products.

To help you stay on course, and stay focused on the things that are important for your business at its current stage, I created the Google Shopping Success course.

Introducing Our Proven Framework To Manage Your Shopping Ads

Google Shopping Success is a self-paced online video course that will teach you how to use Shopping Ads to generate profitable sales.

It's the exact playbook our students have used to double their ROAS or 4x their sales volume!

In 52 in-depth lessons, I’ll guide you through every part of our Google Shopping framework.

Every lesson covers a single topic and teaches you how to get started with product feeds, all the way to running highly profitable Shopping and Performance Max campaigns.

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"In 4 months, we have been able to increase our budget by 400% and have seen a 40% increase in ROAS."


Who is this for?

Google Shopping Success is the perfect training program for all advertisers that want to sell more and improve the ROAS of their Shopping Ads.

Freelancers & agencies

If you're working with ecommerce clients, you need to have a firm grasp of Shopping Ads.

Performance Max has really changed the Google Shopping landscape in the past year.

So you need to be able to offer clients (and prospects) up-to-date information AND have the ability to drive the results they're looking for with these new campaign types.

You can try to piece together information and sift through Google announcements, news articles, or hot takes from other people.

Or you can skip ahead and download all the knowledge, experience, and techniques that we've figured out the hard way.

Ecommerce businesses

If you're using Google Ads to drive sales for your ecommerce business, there is no way around Google Shopping.

Google is shilling Performance Max hard. So you need to upgrade your knowledge and skills if you want to continue to be effective.

You need to understand the difference between the different types of Shopping campaigns are, and when they can be useful.

Only then can you get down to the practical side and configure and optimize campaigns that will deliver profitable sales for your business.

Without blindly going all-in on what Google is recommending!

Why Google Would Love It If You Went All-In On Performance Max

While Google would love this, it doesn't mean it's the right move for your business!

Google Shopping has evolved a lot in the last few years.

First, we had total control over our campaigns with Standard Shopping. Then Smart Shopping paved the way with more automation. And now with Performance Max, it's taken over a lot of the tasks that advertisers used to do.

This new campaign type is the future where Google Ads is going. And they would like nothing more than for you to go all-in on Performance Max campaigns.

Google's wet dream: an advertiser with all their products inside of a single pMax campaign!

I might not know about your exact situation, but after helping over 1200 advertisers, I can tell you that Google's default options are the worst option in 99% of cases.

The main instructions Google gives advertisers are about the WHAT and the HOW of Google Ads. Find this metric here, change your CPC there, add your assets like this, etc.  

But when it comes to WHY most questions remain unanswered:

  • Why should you bother with Performance Max
  • Why doesn't setting a target ROAS actually give you the results you're hoping for?
  • Etc.

To be effective with Shopping Ads, you need to not only learn how to pick the best options out of what Google Ads offers you, but you also need to be aware of the "unknown unknowns".

These are the options that Google isn't showing, but which are fundamental to the success of your campaigns.

This is the biggest benefit of the Google Shopping Success course.

It leverages our experience to guide you through the different areas you need to get right, in order to have the best chance of hitting your goals.

Here is what you'll learn in the Google Shopping Success course ...

Module 1 - Setting Up For Success

Getting great results with your campaigns starts with a solid foundation.

So in this first module, we'll create a product feed, makes sure it complies with Google's requirements and we'll make sure you can track the results of your campaigns.

I dive deep into every single step and cover everything that can go wrong and explain exactly how to solve it.

See all lessons in this module

  • From Product to Product Ad
  • Product Feeds 101
  • Setting Up Google Merchant Center
  • Product Feeds on Shopify
  • Product Feeds on WooCommerce
  • Product Feeds on other platforms
  • Fixing Problems in Google Merchant Center
  • Setting Up Google Ads
  • Setting Up Google Analytics

Module 2 - From Launch To Sales

If you have campaigns running, you can optimize the various parts with our Optimization Pyramid framework.

You’ll see me work on actual campaigns while I talk through why I’m making certain changes and how they tie into the bigger picture.

See all lessons in this module

  • Lessons From a Million Dollar Ad Account
  • Under The Hood
  • Launching Your First Google Shopping Campaign
  • The Ins And Outs Of Performance Max
  • The Optimization Pyramid
  • Account Structure
  • Keywords
  • Bidding
  • Bid Adjustments
  • Your Optimization Routine
  • Tracking sales with Google Analytics

Module 3 - Save And Scale

When you've taken care of the basic optimization, it’s time to dig a little deeper.

In this module, I’ll share advanced optimization tactics that will help you to save on ad spend, while at the same time scaling the best performing parts of your campaigns.  

See all lessons in this module

  • Custom labels
  • Search query level bidding (+ cheatsheet)
  • Keyword Research on Steroids: N-Gram Analysis
  • Product Feed Optimization
  • Leveraging Audiences
  • Competitive research
  • Star Ratings
  • Merchant promotions
  • Google Merchant Center Feed Rules
  • Working with Supplemental Feeds
  • Data Feed Tools
  • Target ROAS Bidding
  • Product level ad groups
  • Advanced Google Analytics
  • Pulling The Plug

Module 4 - Mastering Performance Max

Performance Max plays a central role when it comes to Shopping Ads.

So in this module, I'll show you how to integrate Performance Max into your account, and how to optimize your campaigns.

This will allow you to create Performance Max campaigns that go beyond "hoping" for good results.

See all lessons in this module

  • Why bother with Performance Max?
  • Setting up Performance Max Campaigns
  • Performance Max Campaign Walkthrough
  • When to use Performance Max?
  • Performance Max Campaign Structure
  • How To Protect Against The Greedy Fingers of Performance Max
  • 11 Performance Max Strategies (+pdf)
  • Analyzing Performance Max (+ cheat sheet)
  • Performance Max Optimization
  • Performance Max Asset Optimization
  • Product Feed Tweaks For Performance Max
  • Hacking the Google Ads Interface: Asset group performance report

Module 5 - Google Shopping Extras

Besides Shopping Ads, Google has tons of other initiatives to push your products.

Each one is an opportunity to get more visibility for your products and business.

So in this module, we'll dig into the most promising ones.

See all lessons in this module

  • Free Listings Guide
  • Getting a CPC discount with CSS (EU only)
  • Strategy Guide: Google Shopping Success For Dropshippers
  • Strategy Guide: Google Shopping Success For Print On Demand
  • Local Inventory Ads Guide

Module 6 - Beyond Google Shopping

In this module, I show you how to leverage other parts of the Google Ads like Remarketing and Search Ads based on the performance of your Shopping campaigns.

See all lessons in this module

  • What's next?
  • Dynamic Remarketing (includes installation guide)
  • Static Remarketing
  • From Shopping To Search Campaigns
  • The finish line
  • The next layer of Google Ads

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About your instructor

👋 I’m Dennis Moons and I’m the founder of Store Growers.

I’m a Google Ads expert and have been running Google Ads campaigns for more than 12 years.

During this time I’ve managed more than $5 million in ad spend and I’ve worked with clients ranging from small businesses to global brands.

And right now you're able to tap into this experience to get your campaigns going!

Dennis has been featured in top industry publications:

Here is what our students are saying..

Don’t take my word for it, here are other students that recently used our course to improve their Shopping Ads.

Neil, Google Ads agency owner

David Lepez, Digital Marketing Freelancer

Andrey Kisselev, Consultant at

"In the 8 months since taking the course and applying the new knowledge to my client's account, I was able to steadily increase revenue while keeping the budget slightly lower. 

The ROAS has doubled from 1.6 to 3.2 (some months it hit 3.6!). "

Quinton Marks, PPC Freelancer

"I purchased this course to improve my knowledge of Google Ads for ecommerce businesses and I was not disappointed.  

Dennis shows you the step by step process, from setting up your product feed to running profitable shopping ads for your store."

Kevin, CEO

"It is evident that Dennis is an expert in his field, and he does a wonderful job of breaking down all of the complex lessons. I already had some shopping Ads running for my eCommerce business when I found this course but was looking to learn and implement a 'real' strategy instead of just guessing."

Varun T., CMO

"Google Shopping Success made me restructure my entire shopping campaign immediately. Before the course, we were relying on an ad agency to handle our Google marketing and now we've taken it completely in-house. 

In 4 months, we have been able to increase our budget by 400% and have seen a 40% increase in ROAS. I am still very much a beginner and I am sure that the performance will only improve with time. He takes an entrepreneurial approach to marketing and focuses as much on minimising wasteful spending as he does on optimising.  "

Risk Free 30-Day Money Back Guarantee

The course works with all ecommerce platforms and feed tools

Here is what's included inside Google Shopping Success ...

Super practical video lessons

Trying to improve a campaign that's tanking can be overwhelming.

It's unclear which parts are working and which aren't, and where to start to fix them.

That's why all the videos in this course build on one another.

We take you step by step through every part of your campaigns.

That also means that you don't have to finish the course before you can start building or optimizing your campaigns.

If you're struggling with a very specific problem in your campaigns, you can also browse through the video lessons and find the one to help you.

Bonus materials

To make implementing the instructions from the lessons easier, we've included a ton of bonus materials in the course.

These are the tools like worksheets, templates, checklists, swipe files and cheat sheets that make every part of the work easier.

High Quality English Subtitles

This course has had successful students from all over the world.

To help those that might not be that fluent in English, I've added manually edited subtitles.

That allows everyone to auto-translate them into any language they see fit.

Free Lifetime Updates

This course used to have a module on Smart Shopping. But since that's no longer available, we added a whole new module on Performance Max and gave all existing students access to it for free.

Today (June 2023) the Google Shopping Success course is 100% up to date with the Google Ads interface and strategies.

But I have no doubt that these strategies will also need to evolve in the future.

So when things change, you'll get free access to new or updated lessons!

(Click here for a list of all updates)

Checkout is in your local currency. VAT might be applied.

Risk Free 30-Day Money Back Guarantee

" Each subject is covered in a great level of depth, without any fluff. Worth every penny!"
- Perry,

$863 of bonuses included with this course

In addition to the Google Shopping Success course, I’m also going to throw in 7 free bonuses that will make the process of building profitable Shopping campaigns even easier.

Bonus #1: The Google Ads Success Community ($199 value)

When learning something new, there are always questions that come up. Maybe you're facing a technical problem. Or maybe you're not sure how to apply a certain concept to your campaign.

The goal of the Google Ads Success Community is to support you during the implementation.

This exclusive Facebook group for students of our courses allows you to:  

  • Get answers to your questions
  • Learn about the latest updates related to Google Shopping and Google Ads in general
  • Connect with fellow students  

Lifetime access to this community with over 370 members is included in the price of the course.

Bonus #2: Checklists, Templates, Cheat sheets ($199 value)

In this course, our goal is to make it as easy as possible to implement. In order to do that, we've put together over

We've got two checklists in the course to make you more effective. If you need to set up or manage a lot of campaigns, these are huge time-savers.

1 - Campaign Setup checklist: will make implementing the course even easier. You'll have a good overview of every part, making sure you don't skip anything important.  

2 - Campaign Optimization checklist: is a great tool to make sure you're not forgetting to improve your campaigns in the days, weeks, and months after the launch!

3 - Performance Max Strategies cheat sheet

4 - Performance Max Reports overview

Bonus #3: ROAS calculator ($19 value)

This spreadsheet will help you crunch the numbers to translate your profit margins into the ROAS targets.

These calculations aren't rocket science, but having a spreadsheet makes running of different scenarios easy.

Bonus #4: Campaign tracker worksheet ($49 value)

The campaign tracker is the cornerstone of my optimization efforts.

It keeps track of changes I've made to my campaigns, and shows me where I'm at in the optimization process and what tactics are appropriate at any given moment.

Bonus #5: Swipe files ($149 value)

Sometimes there is no point in reinventing the wheel. Other advertisers have already

And you can just copy/paste/tweak and work 90% faster!

That's why I've included our Shopping related swipe files:

  • Ad Elements Swipe File: Makes writing Text assets a lot faster and more effective
  • Merchant Promotions Swipe File: Never have your promotions disapproved again
  • Product titles Swipe File: Get inspiration from our collection of products titles from over 150 advertisers

Bonus #6: Strategy Guides ($49 value)

The broad strokes of Google Shopping are the same for every type of store. But certain businesses face unique challenges.

For those, I've developed a set of strategy guides that outline specific problems and some solutions for tackling them.

Current guides:

  • Google Shopping Success For Dropshippers
  • Google Shopping Success For Print on Demand
  • Free Listings

Bonus #7: Black Friday Coaching Vault ($199 value)

Last year, we hosted 4 live 1.5hr coaching sessions in the weeks leading up to Black Friday.

Today, all of these recordings are accessible in our Video Vault.

You can use them to get ready for the biggest shopping season of the year!

Risk Free 30-Day Money Back Guarantee

Store Growers has helped 1400+ ecommerce businesses and freelancers get better at Google Ads.

Here is what they are saying:

Are You Ready For Google Shopping Success?

When you join today, you’ll get access to:

  • The full Google Shopping Success course + lifetime updates ($499 value)
  • Google Ads Success Community: Lifetime access ($199 value)
  • Cheat sheets: Performance Max Protection, Strategies & Reports ($99 value)
  • Checklists: Google Shopping Setup & Optimization ($39 value)
  • Worksheets: Keyword research, ROAS calculator & Campaign Tracker Worksheet ($99 value)
  • Strategy guides for your exact situation ($49 value)
  • Swipe files: Ad Elements, Merchant Promotions & Product Titles ($149 value)
  • Access to the Black Friday Prep Video Vault ($199 value)

Total value: $1,283

Today's price: $499

Checkout is in your local currency. VAT might be applied.

Risk Free 100% Money Back Guarantee

I guarantee that you’ll love this course.

You have 30 days to go through the course to see if it matches your expectations.

If it doesn't, send an email to and I’ll give you back your money.

Sounds fair?

Frequently Asked Questions

What exactly am I getting once I purchase?

You'll get access to Google Shopping Success course which includes:

  • All 52 Google Shopping lessons
  • Access to the Google Ads Success community
  • High quality English subtitles
  • Free lifetime updates
  • Checklists
  • Strategy guides
  • Swipe Files
  • Worksheets
  • Cheat sheets
  • Black Friday Video Vault

Is this course right for me?

This course is ideal if you have your own ecommerce business or work with ecommerce businesses.

How is this course different from other programs out there?

It’s one of the only courses out there exclusively focused on Google Shopping. You’ll find plenty of information on Google Ads in general. But this course is unique because it focuses 100% on ecommerce businesses.

All of the lessons come from my hands-on experience of getting results with Google Shopping Ads for the last 9 years.

How much does the course cost?

The normal price for the standalone Google Shopping Success course is $499. During our this promotion, you can get it for $399.

Checkout is in your local currency. VAT might be applied, nut can be removed if you have a valid VAT number.

What is the refund policy?

This product is backed by a 30 day risk free 100% money back guarantee.

If you go through the course and it doesn't live up to your expectations, send us an email at and we’ll give you your money back with no questions asked.

How up to date is this course?

This course is 100% up to date with the current Google Ads interface and strategies (June 2023).

My goal is for Google Shopping Success to be the best course on Shopping Ads in the world. To accomplish this, we provide constant updates and new materials. You can find a change log here.

Other questions

If you have any other questions, be sure to let us know. We're happy to help!


Lifetime access. Risk Free 30-Day Money Back Guarantee