When running a online store, you reach a certain point where you can turn it from a hobby or side project into a real business.

Having a reliable way to get visitors to your store is essential to make that leap.

When you’re searching for ways to get more traffic it’s easy to get overwhelmed or even intimidated with where to start and more importantly how to keep up with it.

Should you be on Instagram? What about advertising? And better not forget SEO!

Some of those options seem easy at first. But after a while you discover they are huge time sinks, keep you very busy while delivering no results. And if you work hard on something with little or no progress, it’s easy to feel frustrated.

The secret is that you don’t HAVE to do everything the gurus tell you.

All you need is one marketing channel that works. One way to bring in visitors that buy your products.

How I Learned Adwords, The Expensive Way

When I was fresh out of school I did an internship and they gave me the same instructions: “bring us more sales”.

To accomplish that I tried all sorts of things: churning out blog posts by the dozen and posting non-stop on social media.

I was very busy, but none of those things moved the needle. After the first few weeks I still hadn’t made any sales, and all I had to show for were a few visitors in my Google Analytics reports.

I realized that I needed a different way to get more people to the site. Researching online I found something called Google Adwords.


It sounded exactly like what I needed: I would pay for visitors that were searching Google for interesting keywords, they would come to my site and some of them would become customers.

I had a marketing budget so paying for visitors was not a problem. But since I needed results quickly, I decided to be aggressive with the budget. (This turned out to be my first mistake.)

A couple of weeks later I checked the account again (mistake #2) and my heart dropped.

My whole budget was gone. Spent. Up in smoke.

I quickly checked the stats to see what had happened. Sure enough, the site had gotten a ton of visitors, $1,423.72 worth of visitors to be precise.

We’d gained 27 newsletter subscribers. But still no sales.

no sales

I couldn’t understand how all this money was gone without any sales so I started digging.

What I found online were hundreds of people that were in the same boat I was in.

Store owners that desperately needed traffic to make their business work but were losing money hand over fist with advertising.

The Priceless Secret Google Doesn’t Want You To Know

That’s when I started realizing the truth. Online advertising platforms like Adwords exist first and foremost to make money for themselves. Your goals as a business come second.

When I learned this I discovered the things these platforms like to keep hidden. Especially to new advertisers.

In the ad industry this is known as the Stupidity Tax, money you waste because you’re not familiar with the inner workings of the system.

And I had been taxed hard by Google.

You can’t just fork over your money to Google and hope for the best.

To figure out how others were getting sales from their advertising I started digging through books, articles, courses and speaking to professionals.

One of the most valuable ways I learned what worked and what didn’t was to simply to spend more money on advertising.

I started advertising for my own sites and quickly also was helping other small businesses with their campaigns.

This is what I still do today. Most are online store owners that use advertising to bring traffic to their website. But to many of them bringing in enough revenue to break-even even sounds like a fairy tale and turning an actual profit is even more daunting.

So is it possible to run profitable advertising for your store? And if it is, how do you do that?

The answer goes beyond knowing a few little tricks.

dennis-moons-profile-picture-sgHi, I’m Dennis!

I’m the founder of Store Growers and over the last 5 years I helped ecommerce businesses to increase traffic and sales by writing articles, doing trainings, speaking at events and consulting.

I’ve worked with clients with non-existing ad budgets but also with big brands that can spend 6 figures in the blink of an eye.

I’ve seen a lot of different businesses, seen and made a lot of mistakes and learned even more.

The Repeating Pattern Of New Marketing Opportunities

By working in this industry for a while I’ve seen the following pattern repeated many times again: a new platform pops up, a few early adopters jump on board and benefit from low competition and cheap clicks, word gets out slowly about the results, other businesses move in which drives up the prices, the market become very competitive and very hard to make work for a small business.

This happened with Google Adwords in 2005.
And again with Facebook ads in 2009.

And today this is exactly what is happening with Google Shopping.

It’s not as cheap as when it first came out, but it’s working and more stores are jumping on board.

If you’re not familiar with Google Shopping, it’s a type of campaign you can run via Google Adwords. Instead of text ads in the Google search results, you can now show product advertisements.

These are ads that show a specific product of yours, including image and price:

Example of Google Product Ads in the search results when searching for a camping knife

They are very effective because they match exactly what a user is looking for: a product.

Recently Google has been making more changes that show these product ads will become more important in the years to come, while making the regular text ads less visible.

As I said, it’s still a lot cheaper than other types of advertising. And because each click is less expensive, there is more margin for error.

This is ideal when you’re still learning the ropes.

If you do the same today on Facebook or with text ads, your money will be spent before you know it.

In the seven years since my first campaign I’ve use my experience to teach business how to avoid costly mistakes and get results from their advertising.

The biggest ones can easily be avoided if you know what to pay attention to.

If you have someone that guides you through every step of the way you can avoid these mistakes and get results a lot faster.

So that’s exactly what I set out to do:

Introducing Google Shopping Success

Increase Sales, Avoid Getting Ripped-off by Google & Build A Profitable Store

Google Shopping Success is a self-paced online video course where you’ll learn how to use Google Shopping to generate a reliable stream of sales.

To do that I’ve created 10 in-depth videos where I’ll guide you through every step of the Google Shopping process.

Every video covers a single topic and teaches you how to go from your store as it is today to running campaigns that attract buyers to your store.

Google Shopping Success - overview
Examples of some of the lessons in the course

Let’s take a look at what’s in the course:

Module 1: Starting With Google Shopping

We start with the foundation.

Even if you don’t have any experience with advertising for your store, or aren’t exactly sure what Google Shopping or Google Adwords is all about, this module will get you up to speed on what it’s all about, how it works and what you can expect.

Lessons in this module:

  • Lesson 1: The Power of Google Shopping
  • Lesson 2: The Hidden Money Pits of Google Adwords

Module 2: Setting Up For Success

With Google Shopping, getting the technical part sorted often is the biggest challenge.

That’s why I took apart every step of the setup process: how create a product feed, how to send it to Google and how to make sure you can track the results of your campaigns.

I go deep into every step and cover everything that can go wrong and explain exactly how to solve it.

It doesn’t matter what shopping cart platform you’re on. There are specific video tutorials for Shopify and Woocommerce, but I’ve included a wide selection of tools and work methods you can use if you’re a different platform.

If you’re worried that this will get too technical, don’t worry. I share my screen and you’re able to exactly replicate what I’m doing.

Lessons in this module:

  • Lesson 3: Fitting The Puzzle Together: From Product to Product Ad
  • Lesson 4: How To Create High Quality (and Error-Free) Product Feeds
  • Lesson 5: Getting Your Product Feed Into Google Merchant Center
  • Lesson 6: Conversion Tracking: Connecting Clicks To Orders

Module 3: Launching Your First Campaign

Once you’re through with the setup, you’re ready to go into Google Adwords and launch your first campaign.

After launch, I’ll show you a set of routine tasks you can go through after launch, each week and each month. That way you can make sure your campaigns generate results and continue to improve over time.

You’ll see me work on actual campaigns while I talk through why I’m making certain changes and how they tie into the bigger picture.

Lessons in this module:

  • Lesson 7: Launching Your First Google Shopping Campaign
  • Lesson 8: Your Optimization Routine For Ever Improving Results

Module 4: Taking Your Campaign to The Next Level

After your campaigns have been launched for a while, it’s time to take them to the next level. Because it’s not always clear what can be improved, I share the approach I use to improve our clients’ results.

I also show how Remarketing, another Google Adwords campaign type, can help to leverage the investment you’re making in Google Shopping and other marketing activities.

Lessons in this module:

  • Lesson 9: Advanced Optimization Secrets
  • Lesson 10: Remarketing: Bringing Visitors Back For More
  • Lesson 11: Make your Shopping Campaigns Street Smart With Custom Labels

The main benefit of this course is its practicality. For most of the course, you’ll look over my shoulder as I set up and optimize real campaigns for actual stores.

That will help you to build out Google Shopping as a reliable marketing channel for your store.


As a bonus you’ll get the checklists we use to set up our own campaigns and those of our clients. This makes it easier to follow the same process when you are setting up and improving your own campaigns.



When you join, you’ll get instant access to our course area with:

  • 4+ hours of HD video content
  • Notes & links to expand on topics discussed in each lesson
  • Printable versions of the slide decks used in the videos
  • 2 Setup & Optimization checklists
Example of one of the lessons with the video, slides, notes and practical links
Example of one of the lessons with the video, slides, notes and practical links


The Google Shopping Success course costs $129.

For that you get:

  • Lifetime access to the course
  • Free future updates
  • Access to new videos and modules
  • Email access to me during the course



Here is what one of our beta students, Evelien M, had to say about the course:

When I first heard of this course, I almost didn’t buy it. There are so many books and workshops that I want to read and follow and it seems I never have the time. But I know that when I do make the investment to get better at running my store, I always get more money out of it then I put in.

And that was exactly the case for this course.

I had seen some Google Shopping advertisements pop up in my search results and had been wondering how it worked. But I never really considered that I could do it myself until I followed this course.

I tried to apply the step-by-step program of the video course to my own kids clothing store and saw the results rolling in from the first week.
It’s such a nice feeling to have a competitive advantage over other similar businesses because I’m applying this relatively new form of advertising. And I’m going to make as much profit from it as I can before others catch up.

What I especially liked about the course is that the videos are bite-sized. Not too long (so I can fit it in before doing other work in the morning) and not too short (so you learn something valuable with every lesson). Also, whenever I had a question, Dennis responded to me in a quick and helpful way.

If you are interested in finding new ways to increase sales for your online store, then this course is something for you. Even if you’re not that technical like me!


My number one goal is to help you succeed. So if you’ve gone through the course and feel that it has not delivered on its promise, please shoot me an email and we’ll try to fix your campaigns.

If you’re still not happy after that I’ll happily refund your money up to 30 days after purchasing.

Join now

Google Shopping can be the sales driver you’ve been looking for. It delivers high quality visitors to your store. Selling to this audience will be more effective compared to visitors from other sources. It’s also a way to bring consistent traffic to your website. This results in more predictable sales, and a healthy, growing business.

But there is a limited time to take advantage as an early mover in Google Shopping. While there are still a lot of stores that don’t bother to get their campaigns up and running, more stores will jump on board and clicks and conversions will get more expensive.

You can do it all yourself, but this course is a shortcut to only focus on the things that matter and get you results a lot faster and cheaper.

If you’re interested, I’d love for you to join the course. Click the button below to purchase.


Frequently Asked Questions

Is this course right for me?

Google Shopping is a great way to bring interested buyers to your site. But it doesn’t work for every store.

Google Shopping and this course aren’t for you if:

  • People aren’t actively searching for your products in Google
  • You products aren’t easy to explain in a couple of keywords
  • Google Shopping isn’t supported in the country you want to sell in

Countries where Google Shopping is supported: Austria, Australia, Belgium, Brazil, Canada, Czech Republic, Denmark, France, Germany, India, Italy, Japan, Mexico, Netherlands, Norway, Poland, Russia, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland, Turkey, UK and USA.

Industries and niches we’ve seen mixed results in:

  • One of a kind products like art, custom jewellery or vintage products
  • Digital products: like ebooks, courses or tests

How do I know this will work?

The system outlined in this course is the exact same approach we use for our own ecommerce clients. Results have ranged from making a few sales per week to others that generate 6 figures in revenue per month.

This system has worked successfully across industries (from apparel to electronics to interior design) and continents (from the USA all the way to Australia).

Will this course be a waste of my time?

No. I’m confident that this course will deliver you the results. If you follow the system and aren’t happy with the results, we’ve got a 30 day money back guarantee.

Can I find all this information for free?

You’re probably able to piece together most of the information in this course for free. But you’ll need to do a lot of the legwork yourself.

It took me many years to soak up the knowledge that’s represented in this course.

If you want to do the same you’ll need to comb through blogs, books and videos to find the necessary information. Next you’ll need judge its quality and usefulness for your particular situation.

The Google Shopping Success course teaches you the highest quality information that you need to know right now. It’s not more complicated than it is and it makes everything bite sized.

On top, a lot of the information you’ll find is outdated, Google Adwords (and Shopping) has been around since 2002, Google has made to of tweaks to their interface and features.

This course is up to date with functionalities, features and the interface. Meaning you can exactly copy what you see in the course.

Lastly, while you’ll find a lot of information on which buttons to push, it’s knowing how to think that is the most valuable. It’s essential to learn the why behind certain tactics if you really want the reap the benefits from Google Shopping.

I’m concerned about the price

I already said that Google’s number one goal is to make money for Google.

In a meeting with a new client a couple of months ago I was able to point out a simple mistake that had cost him $1,200 in the 6 months before we met. The best (or worst) part was that he had no idea this was happening. All he knew was that he was spending money and not making the return he wanted to.

So especially if you’re new to Google Adwords and Google Shopping, you need someone in your corner to tell you when to trust Google and when not.

Can’t I simply hire someone to do this for me?

Yes you can, but hiring a good freelancer or agency is expensive.

I do this for clients and you’ll pay for the setup of the account plus for the ongoing optimization of these campaigns. If you’re an established store with money to hire these type of services, great. But if you’re starting out on a small scale or with a small budget, it doesn’t make financial sense to hire a freelancer or agency. If you do manage to make a profit, you’ll see it all go out again when paying their fees.

If you’re an absolute beginner, you have no idea at the work (or cost) involved. By getting a grasp on the basics or doing it yourself for a bit, you’ll be smarter when the time comes to hire someone.

I’m already really busy, will this just give me more homework?

Everything is broken down in small bite size videos, ideal when you’ve got a moment to spare. If you only watch one video a day, you can have your campaigns up and running within 2 weeks.

How do I know this is any good?

Store Growers is a certified Google Partner. That means our agency fulfils strict requirements to be part of that program when it comes to best practices.


Over the years I’ve also trained and coached many people on marketing skills. That gave me an excellent approach to breaking down complex topics into digestible and implementable content.

I live in country X, Y or Z, will this still work?

If Google Shopping is enabled in your country, the approach in this course will work. I’ve helped online stores from all over the world to get results from Google Shopping.

How is this course different from other courses out there?

It’s one of the only courses out there exclusively focused on Google Shopping. You’ll find plenty of information on Google Adwords in general. But I believe that if a store starts advertising online today, Google Shopping is the way to go.

My goal with this course is simply: make Google Shopping a success for your store.
To do that, I’m opening the course for a limited amount of time. Afterwards I want guide all the students through the course and make them as successful as possible.

Practically that means I’m only opening signups for a couple of days. After Friday July 8th 12:59pm PDT (that’s Friday night at 12 in San Francisco) the course closes.

I’ll open the course again. But the price might go up and I’ll probably pull out the email access to me. So if you want to get started with Google Shopping today, grab your chance.