How Consultant Andrey Doubled The ROAS For His Ecommerce Client

Today we’re chatting with Andrey Kisselev.

Hi Andrey! Could you tell me a little bit about yourself and describe your current business?

I decided to become an independent consultant 5 years ago after I quit a corporate job in a company called BlackBerry.

Before that, I had worked for 20 years in the corporate environment in Europe and North America as an engineer, salesperson, and a marketer.

Today, I run a one-man company called ADDI Marketing where I manage Google Ads for small businesses in a more cost-effective way. I typically am approached by business owners who are not happy with their Google Ads performance.

Here is one of such emails from a real prospect who is now my customer:

“Hi Andrey
Basically, my spend has gotten out of control compared to our sales
Apparently, my campaigns are running at about 40% efficiency.
I’ve been doing all of the Adwords myself since 2007, but it has now gotten in my eyes very complicated.
I’ve been working directly with google but my contact rep gets changed every 2-3 phone calls and everything starts again from scratch…..frustrating.”

What were you struggling with most when you ran into our Google Shopping course?

(Andrey joined the Google Shopping Success course in March 2019)

Before I took the course I just got a new ecommerce customer. His account had a mix of search and shopping campaigns.

While I already had known how to set up and manage merchant feeds and shopping campaigns, I wanted to learn about Google Shopping campaigns on a deeper, more strategic level. That’s why I took the Google Shopping success course by Dennis.

What specific strategies, tactics or advice helped you most?

The lesson on Account Structure was very valuable. I couldn’t find anywhere else this complex topic explained with such authority and clarity at by Dennis.

The Optimization Routine lesson was extremely important. It helped me to optimize my management processes. Being a one-man show, I am constantly looking for ways to optimize my work.

Those two pieces of information were absolute gold for me.

What have your results looked like since going through the course?

In the 8 months since taking the course and applying the new knowledge to the account, I was able to steadily increase revenue while keeping the budget slightly lower. The ROAS has doubled from 1.6 to 3.2 (some months it hit 3.6).

Andrey successfully lowered the cost from about $40k/mo to 25k while at the same time increasing the revenue from $10k to almost $90k/mo!

What do you hate most about Google ads?

Actually, I don’t hate anything about Google Ads, especially compared to other digital PPC tools. Google Ads is a complex, powerful tool that is getting even more powerful, and more complex.

You need to master its new features if you want to stay competitive and deliver excellent results to your clients.

What’s one piece of advice you’d like to pass along about Google ads?

Stay on top of your campaigns and learn about new Google Ads features. The must-learns this year are smart campaigns and working more with audiences. Interestingly, Google is copying Facebook, which started doing audience-based targeting first.

What have you got planned for the future?

As I learn more, I want to share and educate fellow Google Ads practitioners in a more consistent way. So I am trying to record at least 2 times a month short videos about marketing news relevant to small businesses and put it on my site, YouTube, and social channels.

If people are interested in learning more about you, where should they go?