Ecommerce Entrepreneur Aleksi Turned His Google Ads Into a Sales Machine

Today we’re chatting to Aleksi, an ecommerce entrepreneur from 🇫🇮 Finland.

Hi Aleksi! Could you tell me a little bit about yourself and describe your current business?

Hi! I’m a 28-year-old construction worker from Finland. I run my ecommerce business on the side. My current goal is to quit my day job and so I can focus 100% on my store. Today, that goal seems closer than ever!

1.5 years ago I didn’t know anything about business yet. Now I sell sporting goods (I love sports) in Finland and a little bit in Sweden via my own online store.

I have outsourced customer service to a freelancer and deliveries and storage to a fulfillment company. My focus is on marketing ( 90% of sales comes from Facebook and Google Ads ) and finding new products.

I have learned how to run a successful online business from online courses from several different providers. And Google Shopping Success (by Dennis Moons) is easily one of the top courses I have taken.

What were you struggling with most when you ran into our Google Shopping course?

(Aleksi joined the Google Shopping Success course in August 2019)

I had trouble to set up effective Google Ads for my store and my early results were very poor. I took some mini Google Ads courses online and looked for more instructions. But all the information simply confused me more.

What I needed were clear step-by-step instructions that took me from start to finish. And that’s exactly what the course delivered.

What specific strategies, tactics or advice helped you most?

I think the most important piece of advice was about account structure. More specifically how having the right settings enables you to track more specific information with your ads.

The other important thing was what to do with all the data you get and how to use it to optimize your ads.

What have your results looked like since going through the course?

Before the course, my return on ad spend (ROAS) was only 1.5. Meaning that I only made back €1.5 in revenue for every euro that I put into my ads. Which wasn’t enough, I was losing money!

Now my ROAS has increased above 6! The ads are profitable and a great extra has been that my ads rank much much higher.

Here you can see my Google Shopping ad at 3th place and results from it:

An ad for one of Aleksi’s products

The results for that same product

What do you hate most about Google Ads?

There are a lot of settings to get right before you can run your ads and track everything correctly.

But with clear step by step instructions like in the course, it gets far easier to know that you’re on the right track.

A lucky thing about settings is that normally you only have to get them right once 😉

What’s one piece of advice you’d like to pass along about Google Ads?

Put your focus and energy on the best performing ads and optimize the ads to perform even better.

What have you’ve got planned for the future?

My plan is to scale to other European countries to reach far more people (Finland is more like a village than a country). I will also take more online courses in the future, because I think (and have already noticed) that investing in learning can give an unbelievable return in the future and it’s the fastest way to grow.

If people are interested in learning more about you, where should they go?

Check out my online store, Sporttistore!