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How To Find The Clients That Help Grow YOUR Business

Attracting Great Clients is a masterclass will help you find, close and keep the right clients for your service business 💼

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"It's hard to find good clients"

When talking to freelancers and consultants, I often hear these three complaints:

😔 They have a hard time finding good clients

😠 They waste a lot of time in meetings and writing proposals that don't lead to sales

😑 Their clients don't stick around

Do these sounds familiar?

If you're like most freelancers, you have a pretty good idea where you want to go: work with better and higher paying clients.

But even though you're very busy, you don't seem to make much progress towards that goal. There simply isn't enough time to get everything done:

  • "Do marketing"
  • Meet with potential clients (virtual or real life)
  • Write proposals
  • Do the actual work clients pay you for!
  • Stay up to date with latest trends
  • Chasing late payments
  • Other administration

What usually happens is that you spend a lot of time reaching out to people, meeting a lot of prospects, close some clients and then get super busy with the actual work.

Life is good for a while, you're doing good work for your clients and don't have that many things to focus on.

But a few months later, some projects have finished and other clients have cancelled. So you need new clients.

This restarts the process: look for clients, spend too much time with prospects that want to "pick your brain", create custom proposals for each prospect, etc.

This process is called the feast and famine cycle. Where you have a lot (too much?) work and then too little.

You're never able to find a good balance, always chasing one thing or the other.

For years I was on this same track, never being able to find a way out of it. Always chasing the idea of having more clients to make up for the ones that churn.

Until I realized it was never about finding more clients, but all about finding the right clients.

Fast forward a couple of years later, and I did find a repeatable process to find new clients.

So that's exactly why I created the Attracting Great Clients Masterclass.

Introducing Attracting Great Clients Masterclass

Attracting Great Clients is a 2.5-hour recorded course to help you find, close and keep the right clients for your service business.

Lifetime access. Risk Free 30-Day Money Back Guarantee

Who is this for?

Attracting Great Clients is perfect for all service providers that want to get better at getting high paying clients, and keep them around for the long term.

😎 Freelancers

As a freelancer, you need to break the Feast And Famine Cycle and find the clients that will help you become the professional you aspire to become.

🎩 Agencies

As an agency, a strong flow of leads if the lifeblood of your business.
So having a repeatable process to find new clients is essential!

The Attracting Great Clients Masterclass

Here is what we'll cover during this Masterclass:

#1 Finding Great Clients

There are literally hundreds of things you could do to find your next client.

But you probably don't have the time, budget or expertise to find the one method that's going to bring you the right client, at this stage of your business, that also fits your strengths.

So the first thing we'll do in this masterclass is to look at exactly who you need to reach and find the most effective way to do so:

  • What does a Great Client look like for you?
  • From Word of Mouth to Cold Call: How to discover YOUR method to finding clients today

#2 Closing Great Clients

When you finally find someone that's interested in your services, your work isn't done yet.

Nothing is more annoying than having leads that show interest, but then go cold on you.

So how do you keep potential customers interested and make them excited to work with you?

  • From First Contact To Close
  • Developing the Right Service Offering
  • Getting Paid: From Hourly Rates to Value Based Pricing

#3 Keeping Great Clients

A good business is built on repeat clients.

But if clients cancel quickly, you're on a never ending hamster wheel of finding new clients.

And while you won't be able to keep EVERY client, wouldn't it be great if clients LOVED paying you month after month?

  • Onboarding New Clients Into Your Business
  • Dealing With Setbacks: The Real Secret to keeping Clients
  • How To Discover the Full Revenue Potential of Each Client
  • The End: How To Say Goodbye to Clients Gracefully

Here is what's included inside the Attracting Great Clients Masterclass ...

When you join today, you’ll get access to:

  • The 2.5 hour webinar
  • Extra bonuses: worksheets, checklists, swipe files, etc.

Today's price: $69

Lifetime access. Risk Free 30-Day Money Back Guarantee

Risk Free 100% Money Back Guarantee

I guarantee that you’ll love this webinar.

If you don't, I offer a 30-day money back guarantee.

If you watch the masterclass and it doesn't live up to your expectations, just send me an email and I’ll give you your money back with no questions asked.

I'll let you even keep access.

Sounds fair?

About your instructor

👋 I’m Dennis Moons and I’m the founder of Store Growers.

I’m a Google Ads expert and have managed Google Ads campaigns for more than 12 years.

During this time I’ve managed more than $5 million in ad spend and I’ve worked with clients ranging from small businesses to global brands.

And right now I want to show you how to find more clients that will help you achieve your dreams.


What exactly am I getting once I purchase?

You'll get access to Attracting Great Clients Masterclass which includes:

  • Access to the 2.5 hour webinar
  • Access to extra bonuses: worksheets, checklists, swipe files, etc.

What's your refund policy?

This product is backed by a risk free 100% money back guarantee.

If you attend the masterclass doesn't live up to your expectations, just send me an email and I’ll give you your money back with no questions asked.

Lifetime access. Risk Free 30-Day Money Back Guarantee