Google Ads management

If you’d like me to run your Google Ads account, let’s talk.

Let me start by saying that I’m very selective about which clients I work with.

The reason for this is that I’m not cheap, so when you hire me, I want to be able to deliver the best possible results.

The first criterion is that you need to spend at least $25,000 per month on Google Ads.

Next, I evaluate this on a client-by-client basis. It depends on what your account looks like and what opportunities are there.

If we do work together, I (Dennis) will be the only one managing your campaigns. I’ve got over 13 years of experience in running Google Ads campaigns for a wide variety of clients. I don’t work with junior people or freelancers.

If you don’t fit the criteria below, you can book a coaching call instead.

Interested? Email me at dennis AT storegrowers DOT com