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Google Shopping ROI

Google Shopping can seem like a black box. But if you know your way around, you can run highly profitable campaigns!.

Improve Google Ads

Paying for traffic is easy. But how can you make sure these visitors turn into profitable sales?

Get more traffic

Traffic is the lifeblood of an online store. But how do you discover which marketing channels can deliver the right visitors?

Right after launching my store I had set up a couple of advertising campaigns. Clicks and some sales were coming in, but I was spending way too much for the sales I was getting.

I knew that the results could have been a lot better, but since it was my first store, I wasn’t sure what to expect.

While working with Dennis & Store Growers, we were able to dramatically improve our campaigns. This led to a big increase in revenue and profit, which resulted in us having a great holiday season.

4 Hacks To Exploit A High Google Ads Cost Per Click

By Dennis Last update December 14, 2018 Comments: 2


Long gone are the days of paying 1 or 5 cent for clicks on Google Ads. Today, clicks are expensive. And a high cost per click means that advertisers have to find a balance between profit and traffic. Paying a higher cost per click can get your more visitors, but it will eat into your […]

How To Double Your Revenue With Google Shopping Custom Labels

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Most advertising campaigns suffer from high customer acquisition costs. It doesn’t matter how ambitious your goals are for your Google Shopping campaigns, if there return isn’t there, your campaigns won’t scale. A lot of the store owners want to spend more money on advertising campaigns, but they don’t because the return isn’t there. If you […]

Does Google Ads Work? Here Are 4 Facts Google Doesn’t Want You To Know

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Google Ads reputation as a marketing channel has taken a hit over the last couple of years. It went from being the darling of marketers to being expensive and unsexy. While most of the headlines have shifted to new and sexier platforms like Instagram, Google continues to post strong revenue numbers. Currently they are still […]