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Traffic is the lifeblood of an online store. But how do you discover which marketing channels can deliver the right visitors?

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Visitors alone don't pay the bills. So how can you make sure those visitors actually purchase the products you sell?

Convert more visitors

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Paying for visitors can be great. But how do you make sure you generate enough sales to make a profit?

Improve your ad ROI

Right after launching my store I had set up a couple of advertising campaigns. Clicks and some sales were coming in, but I was spending way too much for the sales I was getting.

I knew that the results could have been a lot better, but since it was my first store, I wasn’t sure what to expect.

While working with Dennis & Store Growers, we were able to dramatically improve our campaigns. This led to a big increase in revenue and profit, which resulted in us having a great holiday season.

How To Do Keyword Research For Google Adwords

By Dennis Last update January 16, 2018 Comments: 2

keyword research for google adwords

lab icon by Felix Westphal There are tons of great articles on how to do keyword research. And rightly so. Finding the keywords that are most important to your business can be extremely valuable. Unfortunately, most people’s attempts at keyword research ends up in a folder on their computer. I’ve been guilty of this myself. […]

Starting An Online Store From Scratch: Month 4 Update

By Dennis Last update January 4, 2018 Comments: 2

  December marked the fourth month of operations for Apes in Space, my online store that sells space posters. In the last couple of months I’ve slowly figured out how to grow traffic. But the results haven’t been exactly stellar. I’m happy to say that last months was different and I’ve finally made some sales! December […]

Starting A Store From Scratch: Month #3 Update

By Dennis Last update December 7, 2017 Comments: 2

Three months ago, I launched an online store called Apes In Space where I sell space posters. The first months were all about getting everything set up and to start some of the foundational marketing activities. But without many orders to show for. November was a busy month, I started running Facebook ads and there was the […]