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By Dennis - Last updated: December 07, 2022

If you want potential customers to see your products when they search in Google, you can no longer ignore Google Shopping Ads.

Here is what a typical Google Search result looks like these days:

Shopping and text ads in the google search results in 2019
A typical Google search results for a product search

Ecommerce businesses relying on SEO have seen their organic results getting pushed further down the page.
At first, the organic results were replaced by Search Ads. But as you can see from the screenshot above, even Search Ads are getting demoted.

And it’s not hard to see why.

Shopping Ads look a lot more appealing. The product photo, title, and price allow a potential customer to get all the important info at a glance.

This results in a lot more clicks, which Google loves.

But the ads are also good for retailers because it brings people to their site that are in shopping mode.

This has resulted in retailers spending more on Shopping Ads and Google giving the ads more and better real estate.

Google Shopping Ads now make up 88% of non-brand paid clicks:

Google Shopping click share 2020 data
Google Shopping currently makes up 88% of all Paid Search clicks – chart by Merkle

Online retailers are actually moving ad budget away from Search Ads to spend it on Shopping Ads!

This means competition for those limited Shopping Ad slots has heated up.

And that means in order to succeed, you need to get serious about your own campaigns.

That goes all the way from setting up your feed to ensure your best products get pushed hardest, up to optimizing your campaigns depending on the search queries that come.

If Google Shopping is a black box to you, make a change today!

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