Sitelink Extensions: How To 2x Your Ad Real Estate

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Sitelink extensions are the best known ad extensions in Google Ads. That’s because they’ve been around the longest and are probably also one of the most effective extensions when it comes to increasing your CTR. They’re especially great for ecommerce stores because they allow you to highlight all of your benefits and product catalog, without […]

Exact Match Keywords: How To Use Them Effectively

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Exact match is the most restrictive keyword match type. When you add a keyword using exact match, Google Ads will only show your ads for keywords that are almost identical to the one you provide. And because you know the search query, it allows you to create an advertisement and pick a landing page that […]

Broad Match: The True Cost of Using The Default Match Type

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For years, I’ve been talking shit about broad match keywords. My advice has been simple: stay away from this keyword match type, especially if you are new to Google Ads. That’s because in all the accounts I’ve audited, broad match keywords are one of the key reasons for a poor ROI. So in this article, […]

What is Phrase Match in Google Ads?

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Phrase match is one of the four keyword match types available in Google Ads. It is a way to indicate to Google how closely they should match your keyword with a user’s search query. broaThe quotation marks of phrase match (kind of) limits your search to the words and the word order that you specify. […]

What is Modified Broad Match?

By Dennis - Last updated: April 22, 2020 - Comments: 1

Modified broad match is one of the 4 keyword match types in Google Ads. As the name implies, it is a slight variation of the broad match type. it is a little more restrictive (and a lot better 😬) You can easily recognize a modified broad match keyword by the plus sign that’s added in […]

How Keyword Match Types Work In 2020

By Dennis - Last updated: April 20, 2020 - Comments: 1

Most advertisers spend a lot of time to come up with the exact keywords they want to include in their Google Search campaigns. And rightly so. Having the right keywords is one of the pillars of a successful paid search campaign. But very often, all that work goes right out the window during the setup […]