YouTube Ads Benchmarks (2021)

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People spend a ton of time on YouTube, which means more advertisers are attracted to the platform. So if you’re spending money on YouTube Ads campaigns, or planning on doing so, it’s important to know how you’re doing. The first measure of succes is to compare the results of on YouTube campaign to another. But […]

Target ROAS: The Holy Grail Of Google Ads Bidding Strategies?

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The Target ROAS bidding strategy seems too good to be true. You tell Google exactly how much revenue you’d like to make for every dollar you put into your campaigns, and Google delivers you that result. Unfortunately that’s the theory, and reality doesn’t always play out that way. So in this article I break down […]

The 10 Most-Read Articles of 2020

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The end of the year is coming close. We’ve been sprinting since long before Black Friday, so it feels good to reach the end of the holiday sales. Those early conversations about stock levels or shipping back in August are now far behind us, and the numbers have been put on the board. I hope […]

How To Use Enhanced CPC Effectively

By Dennis - Last updated: December 18, 2020 - Comments: 2

Enhanced CPC is one of the most popular bidding strategies in Google Ads. It’s one step up from manual CPC bidding. So you still keep control over your bids, but you leverage some of the automation that Google has available. In this article, we’ll take a closer look at what enhanced CPC actually is, how […]

How To Use Location Extensions In Google Ads

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If you have a physical store location, using it as a location extension with your Search ads is a no-brainer. They might bring you extra foot traffic and they help to build trust with people that haven’t heard from you. That also is true if your address is just an office or warehouse, having it […]