Google Ads Bid Strategy Crash Course

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Are you spending a lot of time manually adjusting the cost per clicks in your campaigns? Do you sometimes feel like you’re making changes randomly without a clear plan behind them? Then an automated bid strategy could make your life a lot easier. It takes the guesswork out of setting CPCs and uses complex algorithms […]

How To Spy On Your Google Ads Competitors

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On Google Ads, your competitors are very visible. Every time you search for something related to your products, your competitors ads’ are right there, staring you in the face. A common urge I see with many business owners is want to get their ads on top of their competitors. But that’s not always a good […]

How Away Uses Google Ads (Case Study)

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In this latest installment of Google Ads Aces, we’re going to take a look at Away. Away is a US-based direct to consumer ecommerce business that sells travel luggage. Started in 2015 by two former Warby Parker executives, the company has truly disrupted an industry. In the short time since its inception, they’ve managed to […]

How To Do Keyword Research For Google Ads

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There are tons of great articles on how to do keyword research. And rightly so. Finding the right keywords can be extremely valuable to your business. But unfortunately, most keyword research ends up in a forgotten spreadsheet somewhere. I’ve been guilty of this myself. Many times I’ve started the research but didn’t follow through somewhere […]

How To Fix Your Google Shopping Feed Without Going Crazy

By Dennis - Last updated: May 7, 2019 - Comments: 108

A Google Shopping feed that works is the thing that’s keeping you from the fun part of advertising watching sales come in 🤑 Some lucky people manage to get their product feed working on the first try. But since you’re here reading this article, I bet you’re not one of them. It’s not rocket science, […]

How To Set Up Google Shopping Campaigns That Print Money (2019)

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google shopping set up

Google Shopping Ads can be great. But getting them to the point where they can make money can be a real PITA. They look pretty simple from the outside, but once you get started things quickly get technical. Knowing how to navigate around these tougher parts is essential to get started as fast as possible. […]