Do you feel like your Google Ads campaigns can perform a lot better, but you just don’t know where to start?

My name is Dennis and I’m here to help 😊

With 8+ years of experience managing Google Ads campaigns, I’ve managed the campaigns for (almost) every type of business. From tiny part-time operations to big international brands that can spend 6 figures in the blink of an eye.

And after seeing over a hundred of Google Ads accounts, patterns start to emerge.

I know where people stumble when they set up campaigns themselves. I know where marketing agencies cut corners.

And I know the tactics and strategies that get the best results in 2020 and beyond.

So when you hire me to audit your Google Ads account, you tap into all this experience.

Here are some of the things that I’ll look at:

  • Profitability of your account
  • Google Ads management best practices
  • Account structure
  • Detailed settings review
  • Ad testing
  • Analytics configured

I will review the above for every campaign in your account: Google Search, Google Shopping, Display, Remarketing or YouTube campaigns.

I’ll also look at what’s not in the account yet and should be missing. That makes sure you’re not missing out on opportunities (like Google Shopping for example).


The end result of all the above is a report that gives you the exact things you should focus on to improve your account. You can use the report to:

  • Tweak your campaigns yourself
  • Evaluate the quality and depth of my work
  • Challenge your PPC agency

My Google Ads audit is a personalized and in-depth look at your specific account, not some cookie-cutter template where we switch out the name.

Here is an example of the results from one of our clients after implementing the recommendations in his Google Ads Audit.



The price for this Ecommerce Google Ads Audit is $799 (VAT will be added where applicable)

You’ll receive the audit within 10 business days after we receive payment.

Click the button below to get in touch about an audit of your Google Ads account.


Satisfied customers

We were struggling to meet an optimal ROAS for the campaigns and that is the time to get someone like Dennis to give his independent opinion on the campaigns. Communication with Dennis has been effective and the audit report from Dennis is straightforward and detailed. The comprehensive 27-page report allowed us to spot the potential of the campaigns and identify campaigns that require immediate attention. The action items at the end are absolutely concise and effective for implementation.

No matter how good a campaign is performing, it is always good to receive an unbiased opinion for optimization.

Cindy, MaxiAxi

Ahhh this is such a breath of fresh air! Thank you so much for this.

Marie Scholl, owner Inspired Endurance